One of the unique aspects of Budapest that you will quickly discover is the number of communal bathhouses, pools, and spas. The city is built on a network of springs, both warm thermal springs and cool mineral springs. As a result, an amazing number of bathhouses have been created over time. They tend to be clean, safe, and cheap, and visitors and residents alike find them to be one of Budapest's greatest benefits. People have learned to do just about everything in the water and you shouldn't be surprised to see people playing chess while relaxing in a pool. 

Budapest has much to offer students looking for a glimpse of Hungary's turbulent history. The city has endured a number of recurring power struggles, but it always survives and continues to thrive despite those challenges. The Royal Palace is a typical example. In the past 700 years, it has been destroyed, rebuilt, and redesigned at least six times. Today it is largely a mixture of 18th and early-20th century architecture. For those looking for culture, the Palace also contains the National Gallery, which features an impressive assortment of Hungarian artwork, the Széchenyii National Library, and the Budapest History Museum.