Studying in Germany for an academic year may give you the opportunity to experience the country as no shorter study abroad program could. While other students are departing after a single semester, you could be continuing your adventure through the German countryside. This might give you a chance to deeply delve into the country’s culture at your own pace. There’s no rushing to take in all the sights when you have a full year to explore! 

Why Spend a Year Studying in Germany?

A full year academic program may be a great way to absorb the German culture to the fullest. The country’s culture has one foot in the past and one foot firmly in the modern era. On any given campus, you might see historic architecture directly beside modern buildings – and the cities are no different!  This dynamic split may give you a unique opportunity to sneak a glimpse of the past while having access to the contemporary benefits of the technological age. As part of a year-long academic program, you could go beyond the tourist attractions and get to see what makes the country tick. So much of the Germanic culture is imbedded with how the people live their lives and go about their daily routines. Take time and delve in!

This type of study abroad program could also be a great way to start sprechen Deutsch (“speaking German.”). See, you’ve already learned some German! By studying for an academic year in Germany, you could have an extended length of time to practice your knowledge and skills. Start simple, just saying hello to your new neighbors. By the end of the program, you could be giving locals directions!

As to where you’ll be studying in Germany, there may be a multitude of options. For example, you could spend your year in Germany in the bustling capital city of Berlin and experience the arts and culture. Or maybe you want to stay closer to the Alps and make your home base Munich – it’s home to Oktoberfest too! If you’re looking to take some international trips during your time, Frankfurt might be your perfect fit. There you’ll find Germany’s international airport, as well as its financial center. Of course, Germany is known for its extensive train line, so even when you pick one of these cities, you could always visit the others. Those same train lines could take you outside the country as well. Germany is well situated within Western Europe for travel. Trips to places like France or Belgium may only be a train ride away. And you might have plenty of time to visit these sights if you’re studying in Germany for a whole year!

Out of the Classroom and Out into Germany

When exploring Germany, it’s hard to miss the beautiful architecture that dots the cities and is hidden in the countryside. Neuschwanstein Castle, Burg Eltz, Colgone Cathedral, and Schloss Herrenchiemsee are not only ornate, structural wonders, but are often found in idyllic settings. Not to mention, some of these castles have been the inspiration for iconic sites! You’ll see strong similarities between Neuschwanstein Castle and Cinderella’s Castle in Walt Disney World. While you may not find a princess living at Neuschwanstein, you could find some postcard worthy panoramas!

For those looking for something with a faster pace, there’s odes to German engineering all over the country. Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche have museums throughout Germany, as well as offices. You could even have a chance to drive one of these premiere cars on the Autobahn, a highway known for having no speed limit. If locomotion is more your thing, you might go to Miniatur Wunderland. The model cities in Wunderland make up the largest model railway in the world. The permanent exhibit displays tiny replicas of American, German, Scandinavian, and Swiss cities for you to explore.

There’s so much do to do in Germany that it would be hard to list it all here. The Berlin Wall, art museums, historic sites…. Who knows? You could find some famous attraction hidden in your new home once you arrive!

What’s Next? 

No matter your educational goals you might be able to find a perfect opportunity when you study abroad in Germany for a full academic year. Before you run out and book your flight there’s one important thing to take care of – picking your program! Scroll further down this page to browse a list of potential programs. Thinking of pursuing a particular course of study? Then head in the opposite direction! There’s menus at the top of the page to help you refine your search list. Once you find a great study in Germany program, follow the link and reach out to the program to ask questions or enroll. Then, if accepted, you could go out and buy those plane tickets!