Study in BordeauxWhy Study in Bordeaux?

Studying abroad in Bordeaux could be a memorable learning opportunity that places you amidst the romantic views of the French countryside. Not only could you potentially work towards valuable degree credits alongside sprawling vineyards but you might also engage with the culture that distinguishes study abroad in Bordeaux opportunities from other French study abroad programs.

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Studying in Bordeaux

There are a wide variety of programs available to students pursuing a study abroad program in Bordeaux that could be incorporated into your current academic load. If you’re looking to take on rigorous courses – similar to ones at your home college or university – you may want to consider a semester, or full year, abroad. If you’re looking for a lighter course load to let you explore your temporary home, that may also include excursions to other French cities, you might want to pursue a summer study abroad program. Of course either type of program could be a fit for your needs and goals. Just read program descriptions carefully and talk to your preferred program for details.

Programs offered in Bordeaux may overlap with required courses from your own school’s curriculum. Just check with your academic advisor to see if credits will be transferable. Language students might particularly benefit from studying abroad in Bordeaux – especially those studying French! Programs could provide an immersive opportunity to test your skills. Students pursuing other degree concentrations, like literature, art history, theatre, and music, might be interested in studying French forms of these topics. Finally, those interested in business might benefit from Bordeaux’s unique position and involvement with the French wine industry.

While you may focus on your singular concentration for the main part of your studies, you could also tap into some electives to personalize your program. As wine is such a big part of Bordeaux – both business and consumption – many study abroad programs in Bordeaux may offer winemaking certificates as a fun addition. What a great way to see what makes Bordeaux…Bordeaux!

Living in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is situated in southwestern France on the Garonne River and is often called the La Perle d’Aquitaine, or the Pearl of the Aquitaine (the region it is a part of). The area is best known for its wine production and lends its name to Bordeaux wine. Speaking of wine, it could be easy to visit the vineyards where it originates from! The city has recently undergone an urban renewal, which places the city in the midst of a bustling train system: hop on a train for a day trip to the wineries – tickets are relatively inexpensive.

The city itself offers a unique mix of both contemporary and historical excursions. It simultaneously displays its gothic-baroque architecture while being steeped in nightlife and shopping. After you’ve gazed on its historic buildings, take a tour of the city – who knows what souvenirs you could find. There certainly are enough shops! If you find yourself drawn to the French arts, you might want to start your adventure at the Musée des Beaux Arts. The museum holds pieces from Delacroix, Renoir, Matisse, and Picasso as well as contemporary works.

And when your exploring is done, try a cannelés bordelaise – a sweet, caramelized cake filled with a custard that is often enjoyed in the region. You’re likely to have built up an appetite!

Study Abroad in Bordeaux​: Finding a Program

If this sounds like a city for you, it may be time to start looking for study abroad programs in Bordeaux. To start, take some time to browse the list of program links below. To request more information from programs, click through the link – it’s as easy as that. When you’ve found a perfect one, apply through the program’s official site. Hopefully this information has made your study abroad decision easier – and good luck finding a study abroad in Bordeaux program, today!

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