Summer Study Abroad in Costa Rica Programs InformationIf you are looking for a departure from the college experience norm, dive into a summer semester abroad in Costa Rica! Costa Rica is a country nestled in the Central American isthmus, and is bordered by Paraguay and Nicaragua. Students interested in an adventure abroad may love the diverse landscapes, diverse wildlife, bright blue oceans and vibrant people that make the Costa Rica an unforgettable educational and personal experience. Summer Study Abroad in Costa Rica programs might be the experience you've been waiting for.

Why Choose a Summer Study Abroad in Costa Rica?

If you’re still on the fence about a summer study abroad in Costa Rica, here are some aspects of the unique country that might entice you.

Mysterious Beginnings

Costa Rica is home to ancient ruins that are a popular attraction for visitors. There are over 200 stone spheres scattered throughout the country of Costa Rica. Although their origins are known to be from pre-Spanish era indigenous people, not much else is clear. A visit to these ruins may make a great addition to your summer semester abroad program.

Flora and Fauna

Costa Rica is home to some of the most unique wildlife and climates found throughout the world. Costa Rica boasts over 4% of the entire world’s expected biodiversity living within the 200 mile stretch of land. That’s over half a million species throughout the country![i]

Wildlife lovers or students seeking a degree in environmental science, biology or a related topic should put Coco’s Island on their must-see list. Coco’s Island is a world-renowned wildlife park off the coast of Costa Rica that features natural wonders such as caves, volcanic tunnels, and plants indigineous to the island.[ii] Its coast is a popular scuba diving location as well.

Even the Winters Are Warm

Since Costa Rica is below the equator its seasons are the opposite of what they are in the northern hemisphere. But don’t worry; a summer semester abroad in Costa Rica will likely still have weather in the 70 degree range, with lows only in about the upper 50 degree range. For many students this type of “winter” is pretty awesome.

Get Ready for Your Summer Abroad in Costa Rica

Before you grab your passport, your bags and go you first need to find the perfect program that will make summer study abroad in Costa Rica worthwhile. Search for programs that might fit your degree program and desired Costa Rican town in the drop down menus above. Your unforgettable journey is only a click away on

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