Kunming, China is a city located at the northern edge of Lake Dian and has a population of 8 million in the urban area and 15 million in the metropolitan area. In 1992, Kunming's economy was ranked 12th of all Chinese cities, and it has continued to grow since. Its salt and phosphate mines are some of the best in China, and it is in a location that requires the rest of China to use it as a seaport in order to access certain areas of South and Southeast Asia, making it an international hub. Additionally, railroads and highways are being constructed that will easily connect Kunming to Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, insuring its further growth.

Historians have discovered evidence of dwelling on the edge of Lake Dian that date back to 279 BC, and the city was officially founded as Tuodong in 765 AD. Marco Polo traveled to the city a hundred years before the Ming Dynasty took it over and built a wall around it that still stands to this day. All of this history can be seen in the present version of Kunming. It really is like a combination of all the greatest cities in the world, with its modern cityscapes, natural beauties, and combinations of the two (the canal running through the city center). It is 6,200 feet above sea level, allowing for stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and its perfect climate and thriving economy make it the ideal tourist destination and study abroad location. Plus, it has stellar higher education universities that specialize in anything from science and technology to agriculture to traditional Chinese medicine to finance and accounting.

Want to stroll through San Diego and Venice at the same time? Then consider studying abroad in Kunming. It will truly blow you away.