Summer in Australia

Choosing to pursue summer in Australia study abroad programs might be the beginning of an amazing journey of self-discovery. The unique terrain and people of “the land down under” may offer opportunities to see and experience new things that may help you broaden your horizons and possibly leave you with some fun stories to tell and memories to cherish. When you study in Australia you can see places like Melbourne, Sydney, Emory and more.

What Makes Summer Abroad Programs in Australia Special[i]

Australia draws a lot of visitors every year, thanks to its many wonders. As home to a whopping 10 percent of the animal and plant species on the planet, many of which live only on the continent, Australia can boast an unprecedented biological diversity available for diversion and for possible study. Its climate is likewise remarkable, offering arid desert in one area, snow-covered tracts of land in another, and rainforests filled with tropical splendor in still another. There is a region to suit just about any taste in Australia.

Culturally, the country is also a mixture of diverse influences and histories that have all combined to form the modern Australia. The Aboriginal peoples of the continent coexist beside the descendants of European settlers, whose arrival they predated by almost 60,000 years. Australia has also welcomed waves of immigrants over the years, hailing from a broad assortment of countries. The melding of these different cultures has contributed to making Australia a cosmopolitan nation with a rich social tableau. Several World Heritage sites are located on the continent, including Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Sydney Opera House.

The nation is also strong and stable thanks to its economic health. Inflation is low and Australia’s skilled workers are kept employed at a high rate, helping the country achieve prosperity that sees it ranked 12th in the world in terms of the performance of its economy.

What Summer in Australia Programs Could Offer

The most important potential benefit of any summer abroad program is the often life-changing experience of being immersed in another society’s unique ways of living. There’s no way of knowing how you’ll be affected by spending a summer time learning in a summer in Australia school, but the opportunity to discover a new place, meet new people, and possibly learn new skills or enhance existing ones in a novel environment is a rare chance that you may be very wise to pursue.

As a country with so much natural splendor at its disposal, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Australia offers many programs that are rooted in studying or appreciating the beauty of its environment. The ancient and unique cultural tapestry is also a popular topic around which a school in Australia may choose to build a summer experience.

Some of the possible opportunities for learning in Australia may include:

  • Discovering the stark beauty and cultural importance of the Outback through photography excursions and workshops intended to help enhance a student’s knowledge of the techniques involved in photography, complete with invaluable Aboriginal insight and the chance to participate in an exhibition of student work at a gallery[ii]
  • Exploring the natural and manmade wonders of Australia through visits to Brisbane and Sydney, sailing trips around Whitsunday Island, living it up at Noosa Head in Queensland on a surfboard, camping on Fraser Island, and seeing the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef while snorkeling[iii]
  • Enjoying the opportunity to learn about the marine habitats of Western Australia by studying the physical processes and biodiversity of coral reefs, their organisms, and the unique ecosystems created by their environments[iv]

Experience the Land Down Under

Summer in Australia programs could offer you the opportunity not only to learn about new subjects, but also to learn about yourself. The chance to explore another country could be the chance of a lifetime, one which may never present itself again. You could create a vibrant chapter in the story of your life through studying abroad.