Australia Study Abroad Spring Semester

A spring study abroad in Australia program could be a great way to works towards your current academic concentration, go off on an international adventure, and potentially maintain your current graduation timeline! By studying abroad specifically during your spring semester, you might be able to continue business as usual – taking classes, learning new skills, and networking with peers. Of course, the major difference being that you could be in sunny Australia and the beach may be directly outside your classroom! With water and sand always a few hours (or minutes!) away, the only threat to your education may be you taking up surfing! Lay down the surfboard for a second and keep reading to find out what you could do during Australia study abroad spring semester.

Why Choose to Study in Australia?

Australia might not be what students imagine when they think of countries known for their academic prowess, but studying in Australia spring semesters could offer a wide range of unique scholastic opportunities you may not see in your home country.

For example, students studying anthropology may be interested to learn more about the Indigenous Australians known as aborigines. These native peoples’ history is intermingled and intersects with the urbanization of Australia and may present an interesting case study. Of course, many aborigines still live in Australia, whether within its cities or in the harsh outback, so interviewing them about their firsthand experiences might be easy to do! Talking to one about their perspective of Australia, and the world as a whole, could beat reading that information from a textbook any day!

Though many students might not consider it when choosing a study abroad program associated with their concentration, Australia is actually located close to many Asian countries. Due to the relatively short distance between them, many of these countries have established trade routes and diplomatic treaties with each other. Their connection could be a great learning opportunity for students studying economics, business, and international relations! You might not only be learning about Australia’s international policies, but Asia’s as well!

Besides these particular programs, spring study abroad in Australia offers programs in many other concentrations that you might generally find at an university. These include, but are not limited to, English, history, journalism, mathematics, and STEM programs.

When planning a study abroad experience, many students worry about fitting it into structured education timeline. Have no worries! When you do Australia study abroad spring semester, you may have the opportunity to earn valuable credits towards your degree much like you would at home. Many spring study abroad programs in Australia offer similar classes that could be transferred to your concentration. Additionally, these programs are often presented in Australia’s primary language – English. Without a language barrier, students may be able to continue taking high level coursework like what they would at home. Of course programs and schools vary, so check with your university to see if your preferred programs’ credits might apply.

As a potential added bonus, by studying in Australia in the spring, you might get to enjoy some milder weather! Spring for Australians means it’s beginning to feel cooler, unlike countries located western hemisphere who are only starting to warm up. This means that you’ve successfully beaten the sometimes-oppressive Australian summer heat! Now might be a perfect time to study in Australia this climate is perfect for exploring the continent’s natural wonders.

Speaking of, keep reading to find out what you could do outside the classroom when you pursue a Australia study abroad spring semester program!

Exploring What the Outback Has to Offer

At a glance, Australia may seem to be mostly beach and desert with a few patches of green in-between. Little did you know that it’s hiding so many adventures for your Australia study abroad spring semester.

Outdoorsy people may have a field day (literally). Australia offers plenty of hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, surfing, and rock climbing opportunities to name a few. For example, just outside of Sydney, you could climb the Blue Mountains. From their peak, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Three Sisters, in addition to the other breathtaking views. The Three Sisters are a famous rock formation that were formed by the delicate sandstone slowly being eroded by the elements. There’s a legend surrounding the stones that says they were three sisters who were turned to stone by a village elder to protect them from being kidnapped by a warring tribe.

When people think of Australian wildlife, they may have pictures of a man dressed in khaki wrestling with a crocodile. While that might be accurate, not all of its natural fauna is that terrifying! For example, did you know Australia is home to a large penguin population? Not all penguins live in the cold! To take a peek at the birds in the tuxedos, head to Phillip Island of the coast of Melbourne for a tour of their natural habitat. After you’ve seen them, you might want to consider some of Phillip Island’s beaches. They make for a great spot to soak up some sun!

Not all adventures are above ground, though. Deep under Australia are the Waitomo Caves. Tourists could enjoy a peaceful boat ride through these underground caves to see the naturally forming stalactites and mites. Ask your guide about other hidden sites within the cave system, such as the Glowworm Grotto and Pohuto Geyser.

These are only a few tips to start you’re your adventure through Australia! Be sure to check with your intended program to see if there are any planned excursions as part of your curriculum!

Next Steps to Studying Australia Spring Semester

Australia study abroad spring semester programs may combine rigorous academics with a healthy dose of outdoor adventure. To take your next steps, scroll further down this page to view a list of potential programs. To further refine the list, select your preferred specialty from the menus on this page. Has a program caught your eye? To request more information, click through that program’s link and select “request info.” Good luck finding a perfect spring study abroad in Australia!