Make high school unforgettable with high school study abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica! Study abroad in Costa Rica may be the adventure you’ve been waiting for, and San Jose is the city to do it in! Attending high school abroad in San Jose, you could make friends from all different backgrounds, while potentially earning credits and continuing your high school education! (Check with your school too see if credits apply.) San Jose is not only in the central region of the country, but as its capital, it’s also central to Costa Rican culture and society. That makes it a great place to get a taste of the Costa Rican lifestyle, or ¡Pura Vida! as the locals call it. From museums and art galleries to shops, cuisine, and more, San Jose might be the place for you to experience what life in Costa Rica is truly like.

Benefits of Studying Abroad in San Jose in High School

Studying abroad while you’re still in high school could take your education to the next level. Language, history, science… by studying abroad in San Jose, you won’t just learn in the classroom, but throughout your life. Want to learn about the history of the Americas? San Jose has a variety of fascinating museums where you could see real Pre-Colombian artifacts. You could even visit ruins and historic sites in person. Like international politics and government? See democracy in action. As the capital of the country, San Jose is the seat of Costa Rican government, as well as being the headquarters of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Love biology or environmental science? Take a trip to see the rainforest up close and personal.

From attending class every day in a real Costa Rican high school, to exciting summer programs, the possibilities could be as diverse as San Jose itself. You could even live with a host family in San Jose, experiencing what life is really like as a typical Costa Rican high school student. Plus, this unique experience living abroad might look great on your college applications!