Gap Year Programs in Ireland | Ireland Gap Year ProgramsTo take a break from school and expand your global perspective, consider gap year programs in Ireland. Gap year programs in Ireland could enable you to study, volunteer, intern, or otherwise explore your interests in another country. They may give you the time to gain some perspective, add something interesting to your resume, and just enjoy an experience. Best of all, they may enable you to take a deep breath and a step back from school. Through gap year programs in Ireland, you might get to explore and examine your goals and dreams before diving into higher education.  

What Are the Potential Benefits of Gap Year Programs in Ireland?

Heading to Ireland for a gap year program may be a great way to hit pause while still doing something meaningful with your time (Dancing to Irish music! Enjoying Irish pubs! Meeting Irish people!). While you explore Ireland’s lush green countryside and stunningly gorgeous villages and cities (Dublin! Cork! Limerick!), you may also grow as a person, which could enhance your studies, relationships, and career down the road. Here’s how: 

Immersing yourself in Irish culture might expand your worldview.

Imagine how you might grow by spending time in another culture. Ireland has a rich and ancient heritage, dating back to the Vikings. Picture yourself eating new foods, like rashers or black sausage. Talking to people with different perspectives and adjusting to new systems and norms. Or hearing unique accents and languages. Most Irish speak English but many speak the native Irish Gaelic as well! Experiences like these could shift the way you perceive others and yourself. They might also help you feel more comfortable in unfamiliar environments and teach you how to communicate with people from other cultures. Skills like these may be very useful in today's global world!