Full Degree Programs in Barcelona

Wouldn’t it be great to spend more than a summer or semester living and studying in Spain through Full Degree Programs in Barcelona? You could practice your Spanish, submerse yourself in Barcelona’s culture, and get to know your local community. You could also potentially spend some time exploring other parts of Spain and Europe. Not to mention that you’d emerge from the experience having earned a degree. What could be better than that? To read more about what it might be like to live and study in Barcelona, Spain, read on.

What is Life Like in Barcelona, Spain?

While we cannot say precisely what life will be like in Barcelona, Spain, we can give you a sense of the city’s geography, culture, and must-sees. Creating the experience of your dreams is up to you!

Barcelona’s Geography

Barcelona is the capital city and province of Catalonia, Spain. Nestled between the Collserola Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, it is located on the northeast coast of Spain in the Iberian Peninsula. It shares borders with France and the Spanish autonomous communities of Aragon and Valencia. After Madrid, Barcelona is the second most populous city in Spain.[i]

Barcelona’s Culture

Barcelona’s culture delightfully embraces its Catalonian and Spanish roots. The city’s Catalonian history, steeped in struggle and victory, blends with its Spanish history to produce an environment unique from other Spanish cities. Barcelona’s spirit is at once celebratory and friendly; proud and passionate. This vibe infuses Barcelona with a particularly unique flavor, one you may thoroughly enjoy as you pursue your degree.

Barcelona’s culture expresses itself in many fashions. The city’s streets are brimming with the arts, and world-renowned museums and local galleries, fairs, and festivals proudly infuse Barcelona’s creative scene. Musical venues host a range of sounds—from the trills of opera to the thumping beats of discotecas—and are strewn throughout the city. Pedestrian-friendly streets lined with funky cafes, trendy hotspots, and high-fashion shopping weave through neighborhoods otherwise tied together by a blend of modern amenities, age-old castles, famous architecture, and treasured world heritage sites. The city is nothing short of stunning and perhaps a wonderful place for you to spend a year or numerous years pursuing your degree.

Here are five great ways to enjoy Barcelonan Culture While You Pursue Your Degree:

  1. Explore the works of Antonio Gaudi, a nineteenth century architect who designed Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, and others. His works are stunningly unique and add flavor and intrigue to Barcelona’s cityscape.
  2. Witness the works of Picasso, whose stomping ground was Barcelona in his early life, at the Museu Picasso and Els Quatre Gats, a favorite gathering spot for famous artists.
  3. Dive into Barcelona’s history at the Museu d’Historia de Barcelona, the MUHBA El Call, the Temple d’August, and the Born Centre Cultural.
  4. Enjoy tapas (small dishes of food, much like appetizers) or a café con leche as you peruse the streets of Barcelona or pause at sidewalk cafes. Alternatively, walk up the La Rambla walkway to witness some of Barcelona’s treasured historical buildings, café con leche in hand. Meet friends, engage with locals, and otherwise enjoy Barcelona’s social scene as you do. 
  5. Head to the El Raval, one of Barcelona’s most diverse communities, to enjoy live music, delicious food, and local shops.

These are just some of the wonderful aspects of Barcelona’s culture that you might enjoy as your enrolled in one of the full degree programs in Barcelona!

The languages of Barcelona include Catalan and Spanish, and many people in the city speak both. Students who study abroad in Barcelona, however, typically take courses in English or Spanish, and can often pursue entire degrees and certificates through English-language curricula. Studying abroad in Barcelona for a year or several years may enable you to take classes in English while also studying Spanish and Catalan. 

How Do I Find a Certificate or Degree Program in Barcelona, Spain?

If you want to enjoy a Barcelona study abroad experience, begin your journey now. Whether you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate degree, or even a graduate certificate, programs and colleges in Barcelona, Spain offer numerous options. You can explore your options by using our search engine to browse by program level (bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, or certificate program) or specialty (including everything from economics, to health informatics, to international business). If you’re not sure what you want to study, you can check out the sponsored programs below to explore some of your many options. When you find a program you like, don’t hesitate to contact it for more information. The journey to find one of your preferred full degree programs in Barcelona begins now!