A Full Degree Abroad in Florence Italy brings you into the heart of elegant and historical Tuscany. If you can imagine living and learning in a city that blends medieval with modern metropolitan, studying abroad for a prolonged period may not only be a culturally enriching choice, but also an academically and professionally sound one. If you are ready for college abroad, Florence is not only considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, it is an important center for fashion, art, music, architecture, winemaking, regional cuisine, tourism, and commerce.

Why Consider a Full Degree Abroad in Florence Italy?

Studying abroad in general may be a huge confidence booster, as you have to navigate a foreign language, familiarize yourself with the unfamiliar, make friends, and do well in school. So why consider a going to college abroad? And for that matter, why Florence?

DID YOU KNOW? A graduate is called a “laureato” in Italian, literally ‘crowned with laurel’ (web)[i]

Putting things in context

A Full Degree Abroad in Florence offers students the opportunity to benefit from local talent and instruction in a number of areas that this beautiful city is known for. From graphic and interior design to visual arts, going to college abroad in Florence gives you both the in-classroom and out of classroom context for your education. For instance:

  • Future architects do not have to rely on textbooks – Florence is considered one of the best preserved Renaissance centers of art and architecture in the world![ii]
  • Tourism is the most prominent industry in central Florence[iii]; if you are interested in a bachelor’s degree in hotel management, this may be a unique backdrop for your studies!
  • Music students can rejoice! If you are interested in studying music, not only was the opera invented in Florence, but performing arts are central to its culture.
  • Master of Fine Arts students may flat out love the creative learning environment of Florence; take inspiration not only from the art galleries, also from the statues, monuments, piazzas and spectacular rolling hills.
  • If you are studying fashion design or merchandising, Florence is ranked among the top 51 fashion capitals in the world; known for its textile production, upscale fashion houses (Gucci, Cavali, Armani); think ahead to potential internships abroad.

Global Network

Whether you are looking for colleges abroad or graduate school abroad, the experience of attending class on any campus gives you the chance to expand your social circles. Students who earn their degree overseas also have the added bonus of building an international network of friends, acquaintances, and potential future professional contacts.

Great CV!

Prospective future employers looking at your resume may take note at your flexibility, cultural awareness and global perspective.[iv] What they may also surmise is that on top of the accomplishment of earning your degree, you are showing that you mastered living in a city and outside your comfort zone. With the competition in the marketplace, it helps to do your best to stand out amongst your peers.


A Full Degree Abroad in Florence program is also a great way to immerse yourself in the Italian language. Many arts degrees (Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts) programs include a second language requirement so you could potentially fulfill those requirements while building eloquent fluency as you put your studies into practice with local friends, other students and in your daily rituals – getting coffee, buying groceries, greeting your neighbor.

Is A Full Degree Abroad Right for me?

Chances are if you interested in foreign cultures, have a clear major or academic path, aren’t letting fear get a grip on you and comfortable with the difference in how an international school is set up, these are green lights.[v] Start reviewing the sponsored listings below to see just how many options there are to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the historic city of Firenze, Italy!

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