Many students may find a perfect business program in England, a country rich in both folk and actual history. Students seeking a degree in business administration and management may have the opportunity to see an international business leader in action, while also having the chance to explore the highly interactive historical sites, engaging tourist attractions, and vivid nightlife that make England so popular. Read on to learn more about the possible benefits of studying Business Administration and Management in England.

Why Study Business Administration and Management in England?

England is located between two major economies’ time zones: the American and the Asian. Being smack-dab in the middle of these two powerhouses may allow students to learn about and participate in ventures between the two international leaders, as well as those in their home base of Britain. In addition, with many European corporate headquarters established within England’s borders, students may have the opportunity to interact with some of the largest companies in the world. These two factors may make England a perfect location for your business studies.

There’s No Business Like Show Business

England offers up an additional kind of business outside your program concentration – show business! If you find yourself in London, take a double-decker bus to the West End and grab a ticket to one of the many Broadway musicals, original plays, and other performances. Or visit Shakespeare’s famous Globe Theater which is still located in the cosmopolitan capital and offers a wide variety of classic dramas. Looking to study outside of London? Regional and community performances may be found throughout the country for your enjoyment.  

DID YOU KNOW? Robin of Locksley – better known as Robin Hood –  and his exploits against the Sheriff of Nottingham are one of England’s most famous folk tales.

Mythical Tales

If you listen to the old stories, England’s countryside is littered with fairies, druids, and a multitude of mythical beasts. Some sites have more magical connections than others. Stonehenge, located is northern Salisbury, is one of the better known paranormal monuments that tourists may visit for a brief weekend trip. Speculations about the stones abound – it’s even rumored Merlin had a hand in their construction.  Looking for something more macabre? The Tower of London is rumored to be haunted by its share of royals. Maybe you’ll spot one on your tour!

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

England might not come to mind when you think of culinary capitols, but the British country has a rich history when it comes to food – and you should try as much as possible. Students may be a little confused by some cuisine. For example, puddings in England aren’t creamy desserts that come in a cup, but a cakier dish that come in both the sweet and savory variety. For those daring eaters, you could try toad in a hole for dinner. That’s sausages cooked in a savory Yorkshire pudding.

Out for a Pint

You’ve been holed up in your dorm all day, diligently studying. Why not take a break and venture down to the local pub and grab a pint? During the day, pubs present a spacious study spot to focus on your coursework. It’s a different story at night! Pubs may bring in local musicians or performers to entertain patrons and promote a jolly good time. And don’t forget to grab a glass of a local brew – England is known for its distinctive ales and stouts.

Find a Business Administration & Management Full Degree Program in England

Earning a full degree in business administration and management in England could present a balanced program experience. Students may learn from direct interaction with the global marketplace while also experiencing the dynamic culture of the country in their downtime. The blending of fun and academic rigor may make studying business administration in England a perfect choice for you. Start your search by browsing the listings below. And don’t forget to click “Learn More” for additional information or to contact programs directly. Good luck on your Business Administration and Management in England search!