There are an impressive number of short-term programs during intersession (between fall and spring semesters in the month of January), why? We have a few ideas…

intersession programsFlexibility of intersessions. Whether your goal is finishing a degree, completing a certificate, or simply earning credit while you learn, January intersession helps you achieve your goal with the flexibility you need.

Lighten your load. Intersession is a great opportunity to lighten next year’s study load, take a course over, or get the jump on your studies as a new student. It provides another option to access credit courses weekdays, Monday to Friday. And in many cases, you can earn credit towards more than one program — in just a couple of weeks.

Take credits in a condensed timeframe. Generally, intersession programs last seven to 15 days. Intersession programs may provide you an opportunity to take classes that might otherwise be full and take unique courses and workshops that are not available in other semesters.

intersession programsCost-effective study abroad. Costs are usually very comprehensive and commonly include almost all expenses: tuition, housing, excursions, class related visits, medical insurance, and some group meals.

Kick the winter blues. Best of all, it will cut the Winter cold, especially if you decide to travel to a tropical country where January is the best time of the year, such as Costa Rica

Fast track your learning this January Intersession, check University of Louisiana at Lafayette Humanities course in Costa Rica next January.

This is a guest post by Gabriela Gutierrez, the President of Visit Costa Rica.