After a 40 hour round trip bus ride, we survived the weekend in Iguazú. Friday was very exciting during flag day! We went and saw the whole set up and everyone celebrating. Merrick and I decided to have lunch at Messi's dad's restaurant in honor of the special day, it was delicious! We had a typical Argentine pizza with ham, cheese, and egg on it. After taking touristy pictures and buying flags we headed back to our houses to grab our bags and head to the bus station. We were able to watch part of the president's speech from the bus terminal on the TV because it's a huge deal that she was here. Then at 2pm, we boarded the bus for the 19 hour drive to Iguazú. We didn't sleep right away, we were watching the movie that was playing, singing to annoy our professor, and just hanging out. Kelly, Alexis, Victoria, Merrick, Marcos, and I were the only ones on the top of the bus (it was a double decker) while everyone else was on the bottom. We got dinner around 8 and then played heads up before going to sleep. When we finally arrived in Iguazú it wasn't time to check into our hostel yet so we dropped off our bags and went to check out an indigenous village! The Guarani are still living in Iguazú despite government attempts to turn their village into hotels and resort space. After the village we ate lunch, watched the Argentina game, and checked into the hostel. After we checked in and got our rooms we headed down to the Hito Tres Fronteras, or the three borders. We stood at the highest point in Argentina and saw Brazil and Paraguay across the river. After some shopping at the little artisan stands we headed back to the hostel for the dinner and party. If you're in Iguazú, MangoChill Hostel is the place to stay. Delicious breakfast (included) a chef for lunch and dinner and a pool! They were having a pool party when we were there but apparently 70 degrees is a little cold for swimming in winter. Sunday morning after breakfast we headed to Iguazú National Park and walked through the jungle to the waterfalls! Everything was so beautiful. After a day in the park and posing for what felt like a million photos we left the park and headed home. 20 hours later, here I am back in Rosario!