Hello, I'm Hope!

I am just about to study in London for four whole months and I am very excited that I get to share that experience with all of you! Before I leave I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself! 

I go to the University of Pittsburgh and am studying Marketing and International Business! I try to take advantage of as many international opportunities around my campus and city as possible! I work at the Nationality Room Programs and also have been interning at a local nonprofit, Haitian Families First, for the past eight months! These experiences have helped me look at Pittsburgh from a more global point of view.

To satisfy my international curiosity even more,  I studied abroad in Rome, Italy, last year! It was the best four months of my life up until this point and I can't begin to explain what it meant to me. I ate delicious pastries everyday, saw history in the making in St. Peter's Square during the conclave, traveled all around Italy, and met my best friends along the way! Here are few of my favourite pictures from my time there: 


This is my favourite monument in Rome, Monumento Nazionale. 

My friends and I on a trip in Sorrento, that's me in the middle! 

The view of the beautiful Tiber River on my way to class. 

Me in St. Peter's Basilica.

And it wouldn't be a post about Rome if I didn't include a picture of some of the amazing food!! 


It is so crazy to think that next week this time I will be in London when it seems as though I just left Rome! As I said earlier living in Rome was the best time of my life but I am up for the challenge of making London even more memorable! 

For more info about my semester in Rome check out my blog: http://lovelytravelss.blogspot.com

Annnnndddd tune later thisweek for a post about what I am most excited to do in London!