This is the start of my third week and I am finally settling in! I have completed the intensive language portion of my studies and I had an exam on Friday (9/13/13).

I am looking forward to starting the few classes I am taking along with continuing my French classes twice a week.

During the week, everyone pretty much stays and the apartments and we all just hang out. Yesterday (9/14/13), myself and 5 others explored Vichy and became more familiar with "our" city. We had another movie night, like last week, and it was a lot of fun. 

If the dollar was more strong, I would be able to do a lot more, but it isn't :( 

We all have two weeks off at the end of October and a lot of us are planning to go to Spain and Italy. I would like to go to Switzerland one weekend, but everyone is tight on money so I don't know if anyone else will want to go. 

So far, I am still loving it and I haven't really been homesick mainly because there is always someone to hang out with!

I am making fried chicken tonight to remind me of home :)


Much Love,

Hillary Stewart