I am finishing up my 13th week away from the US. I celebrated Thanksgiving with people from all over the world last night. I think they were just excited about all of the food! It was really nice to have the sense of "family" since Thanksgiving is such a big family event in the states. I was able to FaceTime with my whole family during their dinner. It was great to feel like I was actually there. The only thing I missed out on was the food, but that just means that Christmas dinner will be twice as good!

I have 2 weeks left and I know it will fly by! I am trying to make the most of the rest of my time here because I know I won't have this opportunity again. I am at the point where Vichy is my home away from home. I have no idea how I will feel once I am back at my real home. I know I will miss being able to walk everywhere and have beautiful French buildings wherever I look. I've heard of reverse "cultural shock" so I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I know I will probably be saying euro for a while and wonder why I have to pay tax and not the price that is actually listed. Also, everyone will be speaking the same language and they will understand what I'm saying (no more acting words out that I don't know in French!). 

On another note, it is freezing cold here and walking is the last thing I want to do. I have a tiny radiator in my apartment that doesn't help warm anything. I'm better off running the hot water in the shower to heat my room. I can't wait for Spring! Fall weather never existed here :(

USA bound in 16 days!