Hej again!

So...my first trip out of the beautiful country of Denmark was for a study tour with my study abroad core course. We visited Malmo and Gothenburg, two of the largest cities in Sweden. My first perception of Sweden was that it would be very similar to Denmark. Man was I wrong. Both cities carried a very different vibe than Copenhagen. It seemed much more open and a little bit more welcoming, to be honest. The views were spectacular on our journey over the border (which only takes about 45 minutes!). There is a 12-mile long bridge/tunnel connecting the two countries so we had great views of the water. It was a rainy day so my pictures don't do the view justice.

For my study tour, we visited a private school/mosque, a Swedish 'ghetto' (which is must different than the American version), the National Museum of World Culture, and the University of Gothenburg. We also went on a canal tour of Gothenburg, which was probably my favorite part. We had better weather than the first day so I have some pretty cool photos. On our last day, we took a break from academics and went boating and kayaking in one of the fjords. What fun! Though my arms could feel the burn afterward. I recommend any of these sites to all travelers, especially those who want to really get inside the culture of Sweden.


That's all for now! Much to come,