Cuba is opening its doors to educators across America for a nearly all inclusive trip to Cuba for eight days and seven nights through the Teachers Introduction to Cuba Tour. This trip is designed to give educators the opportunity to survey the island as a potential study abroad destination, following President Obama's relaxation of Academic travel to Cuba back in January of this year. Now, teachers from every state are planning trips to Cuba for for their students.

Participating in this trip will give educators a study abroad overview of Cuba, being introduced to the highlights of Cuban culture and society, as well as Cuban education, history, arts, and rural agriculture. The low cost makes it almost impossible for educators to pass up this unique opportunity, and the success of this program will hopefully pave the way for the future of students looking to study abroad in Cuba without hassle or legal issues.

Teachers, do not miss out on this opportunity! And students, pass the information on to your own teachers and educators and urge them to study abroad for your future. To read more on this exciting topic, here is the article and website for the Teachers Introduction to Cuba Tour.