I am furiously attempting to finish all of my work before my sister gets here on Sunday. I could not be more excited—- I am planning all of the sites we are going to hit and cafes we will eat at— but I am a little bit stressed. I have a surprising amount of work and it is all research papers which take a significant amount of time. Oh well. I have also been exercising my Pandora account and watching How I Met Your Mother during my breaks.

But I do have some interesting things to report. First of all, I managed to get my keys stuck in the laundry machine slots for coins. Not only was it incredibly mortifying that I would think that that would be an effective method to push my coins in, but I was also not able to get them out. After trying for about ten minutes, calling my RA and having him try for 5 minutes, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to get a new key for three days. Sad and dejected I went back to my flat to tell Emily and she told me she wanted to try. And then she got them out! I can’t even express how loudly I screamed of joy in that tiny, stuffy little room. I miss being able to pay with my GWorld.

I also had a lecture with the most ridiculous professor I have ever encountered. He was this old man who described his own lecture style as “so eccentric that he is almost considered mad” He kept getting really close to my face when he was speaking (I guess this is one of the downsides of making eye contact with and smiling to the professor) as he ranted on about childhood and Peter Pan. As he was running up and down the aisles, I was attempting to stifle my laughter. At least he made the class interesting. At first I thought it was annoying to have different lecturers every week for my classes, but I have come to find it refreshing- there are so many different perspectives to hear from!

I still haven’t let go of the fact that I have a perfect view of Arthur’s Seat from my kitchen. It is still absolutely gorgeous. I am so, so lucky.

Everyone should go abroad if they have the chance.