Just as I thought I finally had a grasp on understanding English culture, I put custard on my potato's. I am a very adventurous eater, normally I give everything a try at least once so I took a rather large spoonful of what I thought to be a 'potato sauce' and drizzled it on my plate. Not realizing that this was the topping made for my delicious apple strudel conveniently placed in my potato's neighboring bowl. As gross as it was, the potato pudding mishap provided some comic relief to my day. After learning that two of my modules only have one exam, both of which are after Christmas when I will be traveling throughout Europe, I was feeling rather anxious. It seems that the minute I forget that I am not from this country I hear a new English style accent, or a new term that snaps me back to reality and makes me intrigued to go explore the English culture!

I am very excited because in only two days I will see my Mum and Mummy II, my Auntie Elle who is traveling California! We have plans on celebrating the 5th of November the proper English way with fireworks and a bonfire in my local park, as well as meeting up with a long lost family member, and of course going to Bath and London! 

This week I started two of my courses so I am finally feeling like a full-time student again, although I did enjoy the previous weeks with little stress. I am of to write a research report!

The following picture is me outside of the central part of accommodation hall.