Since I participated in the Melbourne Welcome Program, they gave us each a ticket to go watch the Australian Football League (AFL) game. Footy is such a different sport because it is very similar to American football but very different. For example, in AFL, the players are allowed to kick, bounce, and punch the ball. I think it is one of the coolest sports because the players have to be in top shape because they are playing a combination of sports in one.  I went to the game with my friend Shirel who is in my Australian Art class. She brought along one of her exchange student friend as well.

When we got to the stadium, we saw the leader of the Melbourne Welcome program. It was really nice to see him again, because I hadn't seen him in so long! It was just refreshing. The game was pretty exciting and Melbourne won. There is rarely a dull moment in these games because there is a lot of activity happening on the field.   It was really nice to see a game live!