I had one of the best birthday's I ever have.  I suppose normally, I'm scared of planning anything for my birthday (scared that it won't be special enough), but this year, I just felt taken care of in the simplest of ways and it meant the world.  On the 14th, Alfie, Tarjei, and Ahd took me out for dinner and a movie (Indian food at Masala Twist & Warm Bodies).  I thought the movie was excellent, but Tarjei can't seem to appreciate a good zombie romantic comedy.  I would feel guilty for making the guys watch a chick flick, but I liked it a lot and it was my birthday so I don't.  Then, Friday, the 15th we (my class + others I've met here) went to a charity Ceilidh which could be compared to an American Square dance with more drinking, jumping, and running into people.  Three of the guys wore kilts (which I think are incredibly sexy, and apparently they don't wear underwear underneath?!?)