This past week, I was a festival assistant for a company called ISTA who's mission is to bring together students, teachers, and professionals to experience the magic of theater.  The festival was held at RCS and the kids flew in from all over Europe.  Not all of the kids (aged 14-17) were drama enthusiasts (some were just along for the ride), but they were all willing and their participation was fantastic.  One young lady that particularly stood out to me was a girl named Emma who was struggling with a love for directing and the knowledge that it is an unstable career.  I agreed with her that it is a hard industry and should not be entered on a whim.  Having said that, I told her that if she really was addicted to the art and would need it to be happy, to follow her dreams.  "They are good dreams as long if you have the passion and the work ethic to back them up."