Hello Study Abroad Fans!  This is the first post in a series about getting started.

Now that you’ve picked out your dream country and university to study abroad in, let’s break down the basic documents you need to get your application in on time and get accepted.

Although every university you apply to has different requirements, for the most part, they require similar forms and information. This application will look almost like a regular college application, and yes, you should put the same amount of effort into this application.

The forms you will most likely need to submit are:

  • General Information Form: Nothing complication, just basic information such as personal information, emergency contacts, degree information.
  • Transcript: Ask your university’s registrar for a few copies of this official document.
  • Letter of Recommendation: You will certainly need a letter or recommendation, maybe two. Think about a professor, employer, mentor, advisor, or another professional whom knows you well.
  • Letter of Intent/Personal Statement: You already know why you want to go abroad, now just put the reasons on a paper. Include what interested you in going abroad, why you want to go abroad, and what school you plan to attend. Also don’t forget to include how the reputation of the university, or country/culture/region can influence you as a growing and culturally diverse student. What will the university benefit from having you? What will you gain by attending this university?
  • Course Selection: This should be an approval form, signed off by your home advisor (who will hopefully help you filling this out.) This is just to make sure once you get abroad, you are taking classes to help complete your major/minor requirements.
  • Health Clearance: Some countries you are applying to will ask you to get vaccinated. Most just ask that you complete a physical. No country wants you to bring over a disease.

Are you ready to get started?  What are you waiting for?  Find a program today and begin your journey