Karen from Arcadia dropped me off at my student apartment in Glasgow last night.  I was terrified.  I am in a foreign city where I literally know no one and it's dark and rainy. Ahhhh!!! Thankfully, the next day was sunny (if cold) so I decided to try and get to know the city better with a run outside.  I made it to the city center, and even found my school building, but then it started going downhill (literally, there are a LOT of hills in this city).  After about an hour of running around in the cold, I decided it was time to man up and ask someone how to get home.  I walked into a bakery and asked for directions back to my apartment on Thurso street.  The lady working there looked at me with big eyes and said that it would be best to take the Subway as I was a long way from home.  When I admitted that I hadn't thought to bring money on my journey, she gave me two pounds to make the journey.  Hats off to you Glasgow and the kindness of strangers for making this city a little less terrifying and much more welcoming.