Luberon is a beautiful region of southern France and the location of the second trip by my program.  We started off at a chateau in the village of Lourmarin.

Here is are some views of the town from the chateau:

The chateau had a rectangle pond with fish and a pretty statue.

One of the rooms inside:

A very decorative mirror hung on the wall of another room.

The symbol of the French king at the time which I believe was a salamander (the symbol not the king) is in the carving below.

Spiral staircase!

The music room of the chateau:

View from a window:

Now this I thought was really cool.  One room had a collection of little metal objects which were made by soldiers during wars.

There were also wooden structures.  This chopper was made during the Vietnam War.

Valerie checking out the gorgeous view.

Time to see the town up close!

A cat chilling in the window.

I just thought this statue was pretty.

After buying supplies for our later picnic we sat down at a cafe and ordered some coffee and hot chocolate.

I think you can tell by the picture that they were absolutely delicious!

I'll be honest I just don't get the fountain in the following photo.  

Men vomiting moss?  I don't think that was the intention but that is all I see...

Photo from the bus of a town on a hill.  You don't see this in my home state of New Jersey but then again New Jersey is pretty darn flat.

For lunch we stopped in Lacoste, a hilltop village, which houses the castle of the Marquis de Sade.

The castle is to the right in this picture of some friends and me.  The castle was destroyed but they are in the process of restoring the building.

Picnic with an awesome lavander flavored drink! (it's purple, check it out!)

After lunch it was time for some more pictures. 

I found snowcapped mountains!

What do you think all of those white things are?

Did you guess dead snails?... cause if so you'd be right!

Some areas of Provence seem infested by these things!  

Valerie and I happened upon this pile of rocks with string tied around most of the rocks.  It really turned the pile into a piece of art!

Some things time hasn't changed... But other things it most definitely has. Hello, satellite dish!

Back on the bus! It's time to go to Rousillion. But along the way we got to see this ancient bridge made by the Romans which was still used until recently

Roussillion is know for its ochre rock formations which are made up of brilliant colors.  The buildings in town have walls colored by the ochre.

You can find dogs everywhere in France!

Val and I on the ochre!

I just love how color coordinated this group unknowingly is.

Look at these colors!

Simply gorgeous!

Au revoir!