A photo tour of Edinburgh took me and two other newly met girlfriends to the Castle, the Royal Mile, and phone shopping on Princes' street (I got a dirt cheap one that can text and call in the US, but is woefully stupid).  The best part was Calton Hill.  The scavenger hunt told us to find two things: a cairn dedicated to the Parliament, and a US president in the Old Calton Cemetary.  We learned that a cairn is nothing more than a big pile of rocks (go figure), but what we were most interested in was the American president.  We argued over why a president would be buried overseas and congratulated ourselves for working hard to find out (thinking that, if the question ever came up on Jeopardy, we alone would know the answer).  It took us an hour, but we finally located the cemetery (a short walk away from the Hill).  Skimming the headstones, I noticed a "John Kennedy".  No. Way.  Turns out, it wasn't the former president, just some guy who happened to be named John Kennedy, but behind him... ABRAHAM LINCOLN... or a statue of Abraham Lincoln.  The trickily worded question was actually referring to the statue dedicated to the Scottish-American soldiers who fought during the Civil War.  Such disappointment!