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study theater abroadWhile some may argue Hollywood is the power house destination for your big break in acting, a study abroad program may prove to be your golden ticket. Look past Tinsel Town and even the Broadway glitz and glam of New York City and you’ll find the hidden gem stone of studying abroad. Going abroad for theatre and drama could be what separates the wheat from the chaff. Keep in mind, theater it’s one of the toughest and most competitive fields for undergraduate students, and if everyone is studying from the same repertoire and starring in the same rotation of plays and musicals, what is your competitive edge?

Studying theater and drama abroad will allow you to find inspiration from Shakespeare and attend plays at the National Theatre in London or head to Ireland and use George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” as your playwriting ruse. Studying theater and drama abroad will help you stand apart from the crowd when it’s time to hit New York City or yes, even Hollywood by storm with your international outlook on acting and production.

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