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I have always known that I wanted to study abroad in Rome, but I was unsure about how long I felt comfortable being away from campus. Taking advantage of a summer study abroad program was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The program lasted for six amazing weeks where I received six credits and traveled across Europe and didn’t feel like I was missing out at homeSummer study abroad programs offer students the best of both worlds: time abroad without sacrificing their on-campus life. Students with rigorous academic schedules or a desire to make the most of their summers as they’re earning their degrees are great candidates for summer study abroad programs. Students have the opportunity to earn college credits, add prestigious colleges and universities to their transcripts and gain experience with international companies; all while exploring new cultures, traveling the world, learning new languages and becoming a part of the global community. Summer study abroad programs are the perfect way for students to balance their desire for international exploration with their commitment to making the most of campus life.

Summer programs also offer students the opportunity to make the most of their college curriculum. Instead of reading about that masterpiece in your art history book, go and see it. Spend a few months in a community affected by the issues you’ve been studying in your public health class. Intern abroad and gain international business experience for your international business class. Choosing a summer study abroad program is a great way to bring college education to life, gain international experience for today’s global market and discover the world!



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