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Study Abroad in India: ELI-Experiential Learning International

    India: Chennai

    Fall Semester, Winter Semester

    Full range of courses offered in English at one of India's top universities.

    Even if you are a science major, you can easily pursue your major at this comprehensive university.

    Located on the Bay of Bengal, Chennai (Madras), is India's 4th largest city. It is known for its rich cultural life as well as its dynamic economy.

    Experience the culture of India while you pursue studies in most majors.

    Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Fine Arts, Art History, Biochemistry, Biology General, Chemistry, Classics, Communications Journalism Mass Media, Comparative Literature, Criminal Justice, Economics, French Language and Literature Studies, History, Humanities Subject, International Relations, International Studies, Liberal Arts-Miscellaneous Arts and Sciences, Mathematics, Peace Studies, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science and Politics, Religious Studies, Social Sciences, Social Work, Sociology, Theater-Drama-Performing Arts and Dance