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Structural Engineering of Ancient Roman Architecture

    Italy: Rome


    Excursions and Day Trips

    Many of the following field trips will be guided by local experts and faculty from the School of Architecture:
    -City tour of Rome upon arrival to get acquainted with the city
    -Visits to the Palantine, Forum and Colliseum
    -St. Peter's Dome
    -Palazzo Valentini and San Clemente
    -Cathedral of St. Angelo dei Lombardi
    -Curioni Building
    -The Roman Arches, Domes, and The Pantheon

    During the weekends, students will be free to plan their own excursions to see other sites of the city and nearby countryside.

    Arrive Date: 6/18/2013 End Date: 7/17/2013

    This course is designed for students fascinated by ancient art and architecture, in general, and structural engineering of ancient Roman and Etruscan construction in particular. Lectures will focus on primarily concepts in structural analysis which provide necessary background for designing buildings and bridges. Field trips--to several famous historic and archeological sites in and outside Rome--will compliment the lectures so students come in direct contact with many of the structural forms they are studying and also gain appreciation for simple engineering concepts that have survived the test of time. A number of lectures will take place outside of Rome in the architectural facility of Valle Guilia, located opposite the public park of Villa Borghese. This is the site of the historical School of Architecture that started joint study programs on design, construction, restoration and urban planning in the 1920s.


    Civil and Environmental Engineering 130 - Structural Analysis (4 units): Elastic structural analysis of determinate and indeterminate trusses, beams and frames. Plastic bending and limit analysis. Prerequisite: Mathematics 22A, Engineering 104 or consent of the instructor.
    Civil and Environmental Engineering 198 - Directed Group Study (4 units). P/NP grading only.


    A welcome social event at a local restaurant in the beginning of the program will provide students with an opportunity to meet the instructor and each other. Meals are not included in the price of the program. Students purchase their meals on their own in nearby markets or by trying out authentic dishes in local restaurants. There will also be a farewell social event at the end of the program for students to get together as a group before they go their separate ways (either traveling or returning home.

    About Italy
    According to the following Lonely Planet description of Rome, no other city comes close. It may no longer be caput mundi (capital of the world), but Rome is an epic, bubbling-over metropolis harbouring lost empires. One visit and you’ll be hooked. Rome has a glorious monumentality that it wears without reverence. Its architectural heirlooms are buzzed around by car and Vespa as if they were no more than traffic islands. Here the national preoccupation with the aesthetic fuses with incredible urban scenery to make Rome a city where you feel cool just strolling through the streets, catching the sunlight on your face outside a café, or eating a long lunch. It’s a place that almost encourages you to take things easy. Don’t feel like going to a museum? What’s the need when it’s all outside on the streets?

    Upper-division units (open to freshmen through graduates). Taught in English. UC Davis courses taught by University of California, Davis faculty.

    Please contact UC Davis Summer Abroad for the most up-to-date information concerning program costs. Programs start around $4,000.

    All students enrolled in a Summer Abroad program (Davis and Non-Davis) will have the opportunity to apply for a Travel Award ($500 - $1,500.) Travel award deadline: March 5, 2013. Enrollment deadline is April 5, 2013.

    Architecture, Art History, Cultural and Regional Studies, Engineering Subject, Italian Language and Literature Studies


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