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Italian Language Studies: Summer Study in Urbino, Italy



    Urbino is the ideal place for a summer course in Italian Language and Culture. It is still a small city where you can get from place to place on foot, and it offers many opportunities for foreign students to meet people from Urbino as well as university students and professors.

    All courses will be taught in Italian. Part of the program is dedicated to the teaching of the Italian language while another part concentrates on Italian civilization and culture with a particular emphasis on the Renaissance and 20th century (literature, art, music, cinema, society, history and politics) (afternoon and evening session, 50 lesson hours of 60 minutes). In the evening films will be shown (7 on the whole) and at the end of the week, there will be excursions to artistically important cities in the Marches and neighboring regions as well as walks in Urbino.

    Protected by its walls, the ancient city of Urbino is perched high on a ridge between the Metauro and Foglia valleys. While students are taking courses, they have great opportunity to make excursions into the surrounding area to visit other splendid cities in the Marches and bordering regions. Urbino, more charming than ever in the summer, is also an ideal place to strike up conversation and friendships.

    Art History, Cultural and Regional Studies, Foreign non-English Languages and Literature, Italian Language and Literature Studies


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