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There are many reasons for wanting to learn a new language. Maybe you’re hoping to land a job overseas, you’d like to take some time to travel the world, or you want to better communicate with family or friends. Whatever the reason, fluently speaking another language is an invaluable skill that may broaden your horizons and open doors.

Many students attempt to learn a new language at their home university, but find that it just isn’t enough. You may be able to pick up a few words, or make a few simple sentences. But to truly become fluent you need to practice speaking the language often, and that’s not always possible at your home university. If learning a new language is a high priority for you, an intensive language study abroad program may be the solution.

Intensive language programs may vary in length but they all serve one purpose – to completely immerse students in another language for the purpose of learning to speak fluently. If you are a foreign language major, or planning to enter a field that requires fluency in a second language, than an intensive language program will add an impressive highlight to your resume. Remember, there is no substitute for full immersion!

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