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    • LASC American Language and Culture

    • ESL, TOEFL, Test prep, Computer, Business English

      For nearly three decades, LASC has been one of the nation's premier ESL institutes. Today, we are proud to continue that unparalleled tradition of excellence for an entirely new generation seeking to add full English fluency to their skill set.
    • Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (University of the Arts London)

    • London Milan Courses from Central Saint Martins & NABA

      There are three London Milan course sessions in 2013 Session 1 Courses: London course dates: 1 July - 11 July 2013 Milan course dates: 16 July - 26 July 2013 Fashion and Culture in London and Milan Fashion Styling and Image Creation: London Milan Fashion Business, Branding and Marketing: London Milan Session 2 Courses: London course dates: 8 July - 12 July 2013 Milan course dates: 15 July - 19 July 2013 Fashion Trends and Forecasting: London Milan Fashion Illustration: London Milan Session More...

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    • American Universities

    • Go Campus

    • Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano (NABA)

    • Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano (NABA): Summer

      Students at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) in Milan don't just learn about design, they live it. NABA instructors are world-renowned artists, professionals, and designers who work in Milan, and their goal is to create the artists, professionals, and designers of the future.

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    • The Jewish Agency for Israel

    • The Jewish Agency for Israel

      Since 1992, more than 10,000 select high school students from North America, Europe, South America, and South Africa have been given the opportunity to fulfill their dream of attending high school in Israel through Elite Academy.
    • IntuuChina

    • Paid internship in China program

      IntuuChina tries to select the best candidates to place them in companies that trust us with their recruitment process. In order to do so, IntuuChina will select the few best candidates for the positions available. These are the basic requirements you have to meet before applying for an internship program in China: • Students or graduates of a bachelor’s program. • Languages: Advanced-Proficiency level in English. Second languages will be appreciated. • Meet all relevant China VISA requirements More...
    • Eram CrossMediaCollege

    • BA. in CrossMedia

      3 Year course: 2 Spain + 1 UK Two years in Spain with a transversal approach. During the second year, students can choose subjects to customize their degree based on their personal and professional interests. 3rd year takes place in England where students choose and develop their field of expertise and get a degree from North Hampton, Lincoln or other UK University.

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    • Curtin University

    • Curtin University

      Most classes offered at Curtin University are available on a non-award basis to study abroad students, at a flat rate tuition fee.
    • Windells Academy

    • Windells Academy

      Academic success takes precedence at Windells Academy. Teachers and coaches are thrilled to see students succeed in competitions and advance as athletes, but students are expected to be academically sound before they participate in training and extracurricular activities. Windells Academy maintains a curriculum set by Keystone National High School in conjunction to the largest online schooling provider, K12. Keystone is accredited regionally and nationally by the Northwest Association of Accredited More...
    • Help Self Help Centre (HSHC)

    • Intern & volunteer opportunities with Kenyan non-profit organisation on the foot of Mt. kenya

      Help Self Help Centre (HSHC) runs several projects in the fields of agriculture, forestry, water management, promoting entrepreneurship, gender, HIV / Aids and Internally Displaced People (refugees) where interns could support or develop their own research projects. Feel free to contact HSHC to discuss the possibilities for an internship in your field.
    • Otago Polytechnic

    • Tertitary Institution

      Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand, offers internationally recognized undergraduate degrees, diplomas, certificates and post-graduate qualifications in a wide range of subject areas. Academically ranked at the top of our setor in Design, Nursing, Health Studies, Visual Arts and Crafts and Information Technology and Information Services, your academic experience at Otago Polytechnic will be challenging and you'll be rewarded with an internationally recognized qualification.
    • Tropical Adventures

    • Graphic Design / Visual Media Intern

      We are seeking an intern to work in graphic design and visual media for a period of 3 to 6 months who can assist with website design, publications and other forms of media. This position will work with the marketing team and the executive director to develop media that visually communicates the goals and objectives of our non-profit organization.
    • World Organization of Cultural Exchange

    • World Organization of Cultural Exchange

      WOCE welcomes volunteers from abroad for a period of two weeks to become a photographer for H4-S project. Volunteers don't need to be professional photographers, the only requirement is to have a camera and make as many pictures as possible. Breakfast and accommodation provided.
    • University of Tasmania

    • Study Abroad Program: Australia

      Study abroad students can choose from an array of courses which focus on the environment, wildlife, art and history of Tasmania and include field studies which are integral to these courses.
    • Boston City Campus and Business College

    • Boston City Campus and Business College

      With over 80 dynamic career choices Boston City Campus & Business College will definitely give you the Right Start to a successful career: We are guaranteed to give you the guidance you need to obtain your qualification. A Boston qualification will give you the recognition you want and place you ahead of the pack. Information Technology Management Marketing and Sales Hospitality and Leisure Service Industry Accounting Legal Secretarial & Office Administration HIV/AIDS Counselling Management
    • University of East London

    • University of East London: Study Abroad

      UEL offers many classes unavailable at other London institutions. UEL is a leader in research in Humanities and Social Sciences, including Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Media & Communications. Our Business School and Law School are also a popular destinations for Study Abroad students.
    • Popabroad

    • Hatch-International Work Program in Lodz

      Earn a Certificate in Project Management from a business school in London Get international work experience Establish a network of contacts, which can be useful for your future career
    • Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

    • Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design - Summer Programs in London

      Three-week summer study abroad programs for art and design students in: Architecture, Art History, Contemporary Art, Fashion Design; Fashion Communication; Graphic Design; Interior Design & Textile Design.

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    • American Universities International Programs (AUIP)

    • American Universities International Programs (AUIP): Academic, Queensland

      A wide variety of courses are available. We encourage students from all majors to apply, as we take an interdisciplinary perspective to explore the connections between people and the natural environment. AUIP will work directly with students and advisers in ensuring credits are transferred.
    • Paris College of Art

    • Paris College of Art: Summer

      The Paris College of Art Summer Program offers an exciting set of intensive courses with a modern edge in the historically complex city of Paris. Areas of study include Photography, Fashion Design, Design Management, Illustration, Communication Design, Art History, Fine Arts and French language.ean art, design, business, culture, and language.
    • Bond University - North American Admissions Office

    • College Down Under

      Students earn 12-15 semester hours and take all classes with Australian and other international students. Undergraduate & Postgraduate programs.
    • Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy

    • Professional Diploma in Advertising & Design

      Students will be learning from professional practitioners who are noted Art & Creative Directors, and are more than willing to share their expertise in the relevant fields of study. The knowledge gained from these “guru’s” will not only help kick start their career in the creative industry, it will also give them an edge over the rest of their competitors.
    • Towson University

    • TU in Argentina

      Study at the University of Palermo (UP) and immerse yourself in the culture and language of Argentina. Students will be directly enrolled at the University of Palermo and will be studying along side Argentine students in regular UP classes. Students choose up to five courses at the University of Palermo and participants can elect to take one course in Spanish language at the intermediate or advanced level. Students must have completed 4+ semesters of college level Spanish to participate. All courses More...
    • AGV Sport

    • AGV Sport

      AGV Sports Group, a leader in the motorcycle racing apparel industry, is looking for hard working individuals to intern in their Frederick, Maryland office. Students should be ready to join a team of dedicated staff to have fun in creating and updating web pages, magazine advertisements, and other miscellaneous projects having links to web development and graphic design.

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    • Xian Academy of Fine Arts

    • Applied Arts and Fine Arts

      Applied Arts and Fine Arts
    • Arcosanti

    • Arcosanti Workshops: Experiential

      Arcosanti uses architectural and community design to address issues of pollution, isolation, resource scarcity, cultural development, population growth, and land use.
    • London Milan Courses

    • London Milan 2007; The Dual City Summer Sessions

      Studio courses are hands-on practical courses suitable for beginners and portfolio builders - perfect for students planning on applying for further study. Each subject area includes courses in London and Milan, students must enroll for both sessions. Courses: Fashion Design Studio; Fashion Styling Studio; Graphic Design Studio; Interior Design Studio; Product Design studio
    • University of Canterbury

    • Certificate of Proficiency (non-degree)

      The University of Canterbury has been host to thousands of international students from many countries over the years, and look forward to seeing you among them in the future. The Engineering School has an international reputation as do the schools of Law, Commerce, Forestry, Fine Arts, and Music. The Science and Humanities faculties offer a wide choice of subjects and they have a fine record of research achievement.
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