NABA - Italian Academy of Fine Arts

Fashion Design BA in Italy

    Italy: Milan

    Academic Year

    Through the years Fashion developed new characteristics, reaching a stage of development and professionalism which was unthinkable up to a few years ago. Fashion Design is no longer restricted to just sketching and designing clothes. Instead, it involves not only accessories, jewelery and shoes, but also communication, public-relations, marketing, event managing and even sociology. Studying human behavior became an important field inside the fashion business, and studying that along with all the other subjects mentioned above is crucial for anyone aspiring to become a fashion designer.

    BA Honours Fashion and Textile Design offers a complete university level training program in the field through the development of technical design skills and artistic cultural sensitivity. The program deals with all aspects of the textile clothing "system": from a deep knowledge of materials to applied creativity in textile design; from style creation and modeling techniques, to the design of a collection and the accessory. Fashion will be studied in depth, and understanding its history will be as important as learning to design

    Art and Fine Arts, Design, Fashion Design and Merchandising, Graphic Design, Marketing-Advertising and Public Relations, Womens Studies


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