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    • Rutgers University

    • Spain: University of Valencia

      "• Study and live with full-time Spanish students. • Intern as an English teaching assistant at a high school or elementary school. • Travel on Rutgers group excursions with the Rutgers in-country resident director. Past trips included: Madrid, Barcelona and Granada. • Enjoy a culturally rich range of architecture and cultural influence (anywhere from the Moors to modern-day). • Connect with Rutgers’ in-country Resident director, available throughout the semester for your assistance. "
    • Marbella International University Centre

    • BA in Media and Communications

      MIUC’s BA in Media program is committed to developing new generations of media experts able to respond to the growing challenges in the global media industry. With the help of our internationally-experienced teaching staff and bespoke production facilities, you will develop a critical understanding of how local and global media operate, what does it mean to be a journalist in the digital age and finally, how to create, edit and produce a multimedia journalism piece.

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    • True Spanish Experience


      Our pedagogical approach is taken from the most recent trend in research into foreign language acquisition: CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and is based on the natural use and acquisition of language in real life situations where students can learn new things with the new language input as a vehicle for learning. Students acquire fluency in Spanish by using the language to communicate with a real purpose. Our programmes are based on experiences, which we call “Experiencias TSE” and More...

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    • Cambridge House Community College

    • Higher National Diploma (HND)

      HND courses operate at levels 4 and 5. This is equivalent to the first two years of a university honours degree in the UK or primer ciclo universitario in Spain. HNDs are recognised and respected by universities and by employers. One of the main benefits of the HND courses is that they are highly flexible. Learners must complete around 16 units to achieve the HND. This will typically take 2 years to complete with 15 hours per week tuition, including Guided Learning, although learners have the flexibility More...
    • Trek Abroad Spain

    • Trek Abroad Spain

      (1) The Spanish Language and Culture Course offers a wide variety of class options covering Spanish language, literature, geography, history, art, culture, and business. This course is designed for students with a low to intermediate Spanish level. Students are required to take Speaking and Writing Skills and Spanish grammar in Spanish. They can choose to take two to three elective classes in Spanish or English depending on their major/minor requirements. This course is offered during the fall, spring More...


      In 1996 Cuenca was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, for its wealth of art and culture and for the impressive natural and ecological enclave of the Serranía de Cuenca (also awarded the denomination of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2007). The City Council and the UNED have converted this city into a “Spanish Campus” for you. As you can see, Cuenca welcomes you with open arms to make your “True Spanish Experience” both enriching and unforgettable. Can you imagine a city built on a rocky More...
    • Adventist Colleges Abroad

    • Adventist Colleges Abroad

      Istituto Avventista Villa Aurora is situated in an original Renaissance villa in a 2 1/2 acre park on a hillside at Careggi in suburban Florence, the main city of Tuscany and one of the most beautiful provinces in Italy, rich in history and art.
    • Trent University

    • Year-Abroad Program in Alicante, Spain

      Students spend their second or third year of studies at the Universidad de Alicante in Spain, with full Trent accreditation.

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    • Loyola Marymount University

    • Loyola Marymount University: Academic, Spain

      This Exchange Program is located in San Sebastian, Spain. Course offerings are primarily in business and finance, but humanities courses are also available. Courses are taught in Spanish and few are in English, so proficiency in the language is required. Students may study there during the Fall, Spring, or full year.


      Erasmus Group in association with Cool Mate
    • Oxford Tefl

    • Trinity Certificate in TESOL (Cert TESOL) from Oxford TEFL Cadiz

      The Trinity Certificate in TESOL at Oxford TEFL Cadiz is a highly practical, 5-week intensive course (120-hours + 20-hour online pre-course) for people wanting to learn to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL). You'll get started teaching a class of real learners from day 2, supported by our fully-qualified, highly experienced tutors. Externally moderated by Trinity College London.
    • New York University

    • NYU Madrid

      Founded in 1958, NYU Madrid is the oldest of NYU's global academic centers. Over 6,000 undergraduate students from colleges and universities throughout the US have studied Spanish language and culture at NYU Madrid.
    • St. John's University

    • Discover Spain: Seville Semester

      St. John's courses abroad often focus on experiential learning, whether through site visits, Academic Service-Learning, or city-based projects. It’s just another way to help you make the most of your experience, focusing your time on the amazing places where you’ll live and study.No matter the subject, our courses offer you local context—firmly embedded in the host city wherever possible—for understanding the global framework of each discipline. Many class also include an academic service learning More...

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    • Study Abroad Europe

    • Study Abroad: Experience Hospitality in Spain at Les Roches International School of Hotel Management

      Learn a New Language During the 20-week practical semester, you will also have the chance to learn Spanish. Learning a new language gives you a competitive edge and access to new opportunities such as making new acquaintances or providing employment opportunities as there are more opportunities for people who are bilingual. Students who have prior knowledge of Spanish are exempt from the ‘Spanish Level 1’ course.

    • Stetson University

    • Stetson Abroad

      Student take Spanish language courses. Those with strong Spanish language skills may directly enroll in university courses with their Spanish peers.
    • Acadia University

    • Acadia University

      Acadia University is one of Canada's most prestigious undergraduate universities. It was founded in 1838 and has been ranked the best overall primarily undergraduate university in Canada by Maclean's Magazine, for the 11th consecutive year. There are 3,800 students, 14% are international students.
    • ESCP Europe/ Web2Present

    • Master in European Business at ESCP Europe: 1 year|2 countries

      This is a life-changing program providing an excellent connection to the world of business and a solid foundation for an international management career across a wide range of sectors, organizations and positions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn more about the business world do an internship in a top company facilitated by ESCP Europe and engage in a wide range of international networking.
    • Club Ivy

    • Club Ivy: Academic

      Provides cultural, academic studies in Madrid, Spain.
    • University of New England

    • Science in Seville, Spain with University of New England

      Spend a semester abroad in beautiful Seville, Spain for the same cost as a semester on campus in Maine. Stay on track with your major through onsite courses in the lab sciences and humanities. Take Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology II or Organic Chemistry, including labs, onsite at the host university. Study Spanish, earn Advanced Humanities credits in history and political science and take international business and culture classes taught in English. Experience Spanish culture through activities More...
    • El Casal Barcelona

    • El Casal Barcelona: Academic

      For high school graduates who plan to take some time off before going on to college, El Casal offers an unforgettable living and learning experience in one of the most exciting and beautiful places in the world: Barcelona, Spain.

    • SOFTIMAGE XSI Expert Technician in Art and Special Effects

      The first center authorized by Avid / Softimage XSI in Spain. More than 10 years giving classes of 3D to the people of the whole world
    • Universidad Católica de Valencia "San Vicente Mártir"

    • UCV-US Program

      The UCV-US Program offers courses in Spanish Language (all levels), Hispanic Studies, Business Administration, Finance, Nursing, Biology, etc. Apart from the in-class work, this program also provides students with internships, shadowing of professionals at the UCV clinics, the option of joining university sport clubs and taking part in several outdoors activities along with European students, etc. The UCV-US Program combines academic and extra-curricular activities to boost your language skills while More...
    • Bentley College

    • Business Programs Abroad: Academic, Spain

      Working with the College for International Studies, Bentley College is able to offer students a unique opportunity to study business and liberal arts alongside their Spanish peers.
    • ALBA Study Abroad

    • ALBA Study Abroad in Barcelona - Academy of Liberal and Beuax Arts: Academic

      ALBA Study Abroad in Barcelona is a relatively smaller and more specialized accredited university program (through Portland State University, Portland, Oregon) for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as an accredited teacher training program, offered on a quarter, semester and full-year basis.
    • Arte Firenze - Studio Giambo

    • University of Virginia: Academic

      The Hispanic Studies in Spain Program presents American students with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of Spanish and Latin American language, literature and culture.
    • State Univ. of NY College at Cortland

    • University of Salamanca

      Founded in 1254, the University of Salamanca is one of the most distinguished centers of learning in Europe. SUNY Cortland is celebrating its 37th consecutive year in this "City of the Golden Stones". A group flight is offered with round trip transfers from Madrid for group flight participants.
    • Sun Valley Academy of Art and Design

    • Sun Valley Academy of Art and Design

      The Sun Valley Academy provides a stimulating design environment, comprehensive facilities and challenging coursework, to achieve these aims. Our goal is to develop each of the skills necessary for a professional designer to provide competent solutions in real life design situations.
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