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    • ISAD


      Particularly the master intends to give: a multidisciplinary approach to the project's theme, in connection with the ability of looking at the Environment through different points of view; the rules of architectural composition and its different project stages; a deep knowledge of the botanic world related from time to time to the specificity of the project: Species Recognition, Choose methods of the essences.

    • Siena School for Liberal Arts

    • Siena School for Liberal Arts

      The Siena School for Liberal Arts provides a deep cultural and academic experience that connects students to the city of Siena through study in areas such as Art History, Deaf Studies, Fine Arts, History, Italian Language (beginner – advanced), Literature, Music, Political Science, and Sociology. Students with advanced Italian Language skills may take courses directly through the University of Siena in a variety of areas.
    • Istituto Italiano di Fotografia

    • FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE, Fashion, Beauty and Style

      This 10 weeks course focuses on giving a solid technical and creative preparation in fashion photography. Through shooting experience in the studio with portraits and still life, fashion and beauty and shooting on location, the course gives a thorough preparation to manage with autonomy a fashion shoot. We enriched the program with seminars on development of personal style and management of photographic projects, essential elements for a contemporary fashion photographer.

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    • Florence Culinary Art School

    • Italian Home Cooking(1-week, 2-weeks, up to 6 months)

      3 reasons why our home cooking lessons are different from most of other school's lessons. 1. Our cooking professor is not just any Italian “mamma” teaching cooking, but our teacher is a recognized culinary professional, who has published cooking books, who also teach home cooking. Each lesson is full of culture and advices for wider recipe variation. Provided by a Culinary Art school equipped with professional chef training course, we realize a high quality of the teaching. 2. The lessons are held More...

    • CIEE

    • CIEE Liberal Arts Program in Ferrara, Italy

      Study on a program which offers highly effective and innovative Italian language teaching for intermediate to advanced level language students; Speak Italian every day in a true Italian environment; Visit local festivals, art museums, and cathedrals, and join in group dinners; Get to know nearby cities such as Mantua, Bologna, Siena, Pisa, Verona, and Padua; Enroll in university courses and study alongside Italians if you have advanced language skills.

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    • European Heritage Institute

    • European Heritage Institute: Academic, Firenze

      Italian language and civilization. Florence & Venice have studio art, art history, social sciences and humanities in English.

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    • MEI Academy

    • MEI Academy- Spring Semester Program

      Paris, Strasbourg, Swiss Alps, Munich, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Peloponnese, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens- Imagine walking in the Palace of Versailles reliving the days of Louis XIV, or enjoying a heated debate about the latest protest on the streets of Paris. Picture yourself swimming in the Aegean Sea, studying the Caesars in the Roman Forum, or debating the effects of the World Wars from the trenches in Germany. We believe that the best learning lies in experiencing the world around us where there More...

    • Master in Fashion Trend Forecasting

      1) Vision: Cultural Starting Point (CSP) We will explore the early signals for trends. The signals should be based on observations of human culture and behavior, including various theories and movements that may influence trends. We will also project the possible tipping point of the trend argument. The cultural starting point should have a strong global aspect and can be quite broad. You will also learn though various assignments how to become more intuitive. 2) Reporting: Data gathering, practical More...
    • IUSS - Institute for Advanced Study, Pavia

    • IUSS - Institute for Advanced Study, Pavia: Academic

      Unique in the completeness of its training fields,allowing a strong interdisciplinary and hands on approach, we aim at contributing to the development of talented young people, offering them highly qualified training programs to enhance their capabilities and knowledge.

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    • LUISS Guido Carli University

    • Master in European Studies

      European Studies at LUISS University is an interdisciplinary one-year Master containing courses in European History, Politics, Economics and Law. Special attention is laid on EU-Mediterranean relations. The Master aims at providing students with a global idea of the workings of EU Institutions and European organizations and aims at increasing chances for institutional jobs both in and outside the EU.
    • Gemological Institute of America - ITALY

    • Graduate Diamonds & Jewelry Design

      Graduate Diamonds - Learn GIA's International Diamond Grading System and the 4Cs (color, clarity, cut and carat weight) directly from its creators. Gain a solid foundation of diamond knowledge that will serve you throughout your entire career. On campus you work closely with a GIA instructor, and train with over 200 actual diamonds. Jewelry Design & CAD/CAM - learn the principles of quality jewelry design. Develop the skills needed to create and illustrate designs for a variety of jewelry in full More...

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    • Lexia International

    • Lexia Study Abroad: Venice - Area Studies, Culture, and the Environment

      This program integrates students into local culture & community via language, history, and politics. Instruction is in English and Italian. Through the Istituto Venezia's affiliation with the Universita degli Studi di Venezia, Lexia participants receive access to libraries, facilities, inexpensive student cafeterias, transportation passes and cultural resources throughout the city.

    • The American Institute for Roman Culture

    • History, Media, and Cultural Heritage

      Rome: Layers of History Social, religious, political, urban, and artistic development of the city from the 8th century BC to today. Course takes place on-site at various points throughout Rome, led by AIRC faculty and expert guest lecturers. Discovering Italy This is an intensive travel-based course that meets for day trips or weekend excursions. Elective courses include: Communications and Journalism in Italy; Social Media, Video, and Cultural Heritage; Late Medieval to Baroque Art History; The More...
    • Stile Italiano - Schools of cooking

    • Stile Italiano Master course

      Italian cuisine is rich in taste, healthy, diverse and expresses all Italian variety from the sea of Sicily to the mountains of Piedmont. You can receive the authentic training in Italian cuisine only in Italy, where you can come into direct contact with Italian culture and products of the Mediterranean diet. You can receive the best training only in schools that offer fully-equipped facilities, high level programmes and high-qualified personnel together with a real-life experience in prestigious More...
    • University of Wisconsin - Madison

    • UW in Italy

      The academic focus for this program is art history, Italian and European studies from a multi-disciplinary perspective. A set of courses will be offered at the villa. You will have the option to also commute to Florence to take available courses through CET Academic Programs. Course subjects through CET may range in areas of arts, business, humanities, Italian language, and social sciences but are subject to meeting minimum enrollment.
    • The Florence School of Fine Arts

    • Florence School of Fine Arts

      In additional to offering a vast selection of studio arts and humanities classes the school is known for having the most in-depth programs in photography, printmaking, letterpress, and book arts in one of the best equipped and broad ranging studio facilities in Italy.
    • Haute Future Fashion Academy


      Professional figures narrowly specialized in the creative and sartorial dimension of male elegance with a strategic vision of the luxury market; innovative competencies which can be applied to an entrepreneurial project or to strategic roles in the most important "Maisons" of the luxury/fashion industry.

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    • Swiss School of Management, Rome Italy

    • BA - Bachelor of Business Administration

      Year 1: Certificate in Business Administration Program Objectives: This program is designed to help students gain a fundamental knowledge of the business world. Students should be able to demonstrate their ability to use information effectively and present materials in a concise manner. In addition, students will develop an appreciation of people-management functions within the organization. This certificate program provides a general introduction to the relevance of the systems approach and asks More...

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    • Georgia State University

    • Georgia State Unversity: Italy

      Join this program to enhance your technical competence in business disciplines.
    • ELI-Experiential Learning International

    • Italy: Study in Florence

      This program is ideal for students wanting to study fine art, liberal arts, art history, and Italian language. With ELI you will get a superior educational experience while living in Florence. Once you arrive you will participate an in-depth orientation that will cover everything you need to know for a successful semester or summer in Florence. Throughout the semester we will offer cultural activities such as cooking classes, wine tours and film nights. The school we partner with has professional More...
    • American University

    • American University - World Capitals Program

      Study and intern in Rome, and you will do as the Romans do! Enjoy a vast city that is a feast for the senses and the soul.
    • Alla Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci

    • Alla Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci: Academic

      All year round full immersion Italian language courses, culture, art and fashion courses, free accommodation service.
    • ACCENT

    • ACCENT Spring 2015 in Rome, Italy

      Cultural learning is an integral part of the Spring Semester in Rome Program. Included in the program are a three-day/two-night excursion to Florence/ Venice and a three-day/two-night excursion to Naples/Sorrento/Pompeii, overnight excursions include transportation, entries, double/triple/quad accommodations and guides. Excursions are chosen based on the academic curriculum and are subject to change.

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    • Consortium of Universities for International Business Studies

    • Consortium of Universities for International Business Studies: Academic

      Intensive accredited international one-year MBA program offered in English. Summer program offers 6-12 credit hours for current MBA Students.
    • The Learning Center of Tuscany

    • TLC Teaching Internships

      Get an edge on your competition, and take part in our internship offerings. Short term and long term internships available, teaching English to children, teenagers, and adults. Program administration internship available. All interns have access to mentor teachers and advisors. This is the perfect way to get involved in real Italian life!
    • Umbra Institute

    • The Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy

      The Umbra Institute offers the best of both worlds. Located in Perugia-Umbria, the Institute offers courses taught by U.S. colleges and university professors. Courses are taught in English, however all students study at least one Italian language course at the University for Foreigners.
    • Assumption College

    • Assumption College - Rome Campus

      A variety of liberal arts and pre-professional courses are offered each semester. Course offerings may include History, Art History, Theology, Philosophy, Comparative Literature, Italian, and Accounting among others. Most courses count towards general education requirements, so students can maintain progress toward their degree while getting the most advantage from study in Rome. Students of affiliated institutions travel to Rome knowing that they will receive full credit for all courses taken at More...
    • SRISA - Santa Reparata International School of Art

    • SRISA - Santa Reparata International School of Art

      Fine Art, Liberal Arts, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Printmaking, History, Art History, Communications, Social Sciences and Humanities, Italian Language, and an Internship Program. The curriculum is enhanced by field trips throughout Italy, art and culture seminars, student show and activities. Our courses follow the US academic credit system and are taught in English. Students at SRISA will visit museums, visit Fashion exhibits, art shows, and other art and design More...

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