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    • Paris College of Art

    • Paris College of Art Visiting Students Program

      A leader in international design education offering semester, year long, and summer study opportunities. The Paris College of Art Visiting Student Program provides an extraordinary study abroad option for college sophomores and juniors, or those with an undergraduate degree. Studying at Paris College of Art is a uniquely rich experience for young artists and designers who share a semester, year, or summer with students from over forty different countries in Paris, at the crossroads of Europe. Through More...
    • Rutgers University

    • France: Sciences Po

      "• Strengthen your French language skills with classes offered during your semester at Sciences Po. • Learn the ropes of university life with your French buddy in the Sciences Po Buddy Program. • Practice your public speaking abilities in the Public Speaking Studio or see a play with the Sciences Po Bureau des Arts. Join a university club or sport team! • Join Rutgers students studying throughout France on a group excursion with the in-country Rutgers Resident Director. Past excursions have included More...

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    • French As You Like It

    • French As You Like It

      Practical French lessons Develop your practical French language skills Get comfortable speaking French in Paris
    • State Univ. of NY College at Cortland

    • University of La Rochelle

      SUNY Cortland's exchange program with the ULR seeks to provide students with an opportunity to advance their proficiency in French and to pursue their specialized fields of academic interest in an atmosphere that is especially conducive to cultural as well as intellectual enrichment.
    • European American Center for International Education

    • European American Center for International Education

      A resident campus with its own moat, guard tower, gothic cathedral and lush gardens, the Abbey is a new school of thought in global learning. The Abbey Program offers formal classes, internships, service learning projects, an ambassador series and fieldwork all over France.
    • Miami Dade College/Office of International Education

    • IFALPES, the Institut Français des Alpes and Miami Dade College

      Intensive French (20hrs/week) program. Students are in class 20 hours per week and are enrolled for 15-16 credits with class emphasis changing hourly - grammar, oral comprehension, oral expressions, reading, writing with all focusing on French Culture and civilization.
    • Binghamton University

    • French Language and Liberal Arts at the Sorbonne: Academic

      The French Language and Liberal Arts Program in Paris provides students with an excellent opportunity to develop a high level of proficiency in the French language and to study French culture, art, politics and history.
    • University of Connecticut Health Center

    • University of Connecticut: France

      Learn Basic French and develop cultural awareness and understanding in Martinique. The program is designed for absolute beginners - no previous French language knowledge is necessary, and covers the equivalent of a full semester of college French.
    • American Intercontinental University

    • Journalism for Fashion

      Journalism for Fashion is the basis of fashion advertising copy for media and public relations (PR). You will develop a sound understanding of its role within the wider context of the contemporary fashion industry by researching its history and understanding its growth and development. Through workshops and tuition you will expand your individual creative writing skills, learn about interview techniques and identify job opportunities within the industry.

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    • The American University of Paris

    • The American University of Paris

      The American University of Paris provides quality American undergraduate liberal arts education to students from all national, linguistic, and educational backgrounds. The university confers the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science.
    • University of Maryland Education Abroad

    • Maryland-in-Nice

      Students on the program take language, civilization and literature courses at the Etudes Francaises de l'Etranger, the French as a Second Language department of the University of Nice, in addition to one intensive language training course during orientation and one semester-long course with Maryland's Resident Faculty Director.
    • Smith College

    • Smith College

      Established in 1925, the Smith College program in Paris is the oldest such program in France sponsored by a single institution. A Smith faculty member serves as the resident director for the year.
    • Davidson College

    • Davidson College: France

      In the fall, the program begins in early September with a month long intensive language and culture course in Paris. Students then go to Tours to begin their studies at the Institut de Touraine and/or the Universite Francois Rabelais. Students may earn up to four course credits each semester. The spring semester program begins in early January when the students arrive in time to begin studies at the Institut de Touraine. A member of the Davidson faculty serves as resident advisor to assist with academic More...
    • American Graduate School of International Relations and Diplomacy, Paris

    • American Graduate School in Paris

      The M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy at AGS prepares students for a wide range of careers in international affairs, including intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, government, diplomacy, international business, journalism, and academia. An important feature of this program is its multi-cultural character. The French setting of the school, the American system of education, and the diverse faculty and student body all combine to create an international environment and enhance the international More...
    • World Speaking

    • Marketing Assistant - Paid Internship - Paris, France

      Responsibilities 1/ Writing and translating articles and press releases 2/ Participating in international communication/PR 3/ Social networks (facebook ,linkedin, twitter, etc.) 4/ Online Advertising (Google Adwords, e-mailing, etc.) 5/ Developing and launching advertising campaigns in the US and UK (Groupon, etc) Depending on your skills and interests, you may be asked to do other assignments.
    • European Center for Leadership and Entrepreneurship Education (ECLEE)

    • ECLEE

      At ECLEE, we create eye-opening international programs that blend traditional theory with hands-on learning to provide students with a valuable opportunity to not only immerse themselves in a new culture, but also to deeply penetrate a field of study and gain real-world business experience.
    • World Endeavors

    • Study Abroad in France: World Endeavors

      Imagine studying the French language in the beautiful Loire Valley in France. In your free time you can explore the many castles, chateaus, and cathedrals of the area or decide to spend the weekend in Paris. While study abroad programs in France can often be quite expensive, this is one of the most affordable programs available.
    • Bowling Green State University

    • Department of Romance Languages

      Leading to a Master of Arts or a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree. Designed to combine the cultural benefits of study abroad with the guidance and academic support of the graduate faculty on campus, ours is a two-year program. During the first year, students study at the University Francois-Rabelais in Tours, France. During the second year, students complete their studies on the home campus in Bowling Green, Ohio.
    • La Giraudiere

    • Learn French in France: Academic

      La Giraudiere offers you the chance to learn French, sample life in France and explore the delights of the wonderful south west region of France whilst at the same time being part of a group that is contributing towards a project that will be here in south west France for years to come. Apart from improving your French You can learn about Restauration of old French buildings, Marketing the project using it's website plus researching activities for the group and excursions for more info visit our More...
    • Université Paris Est Créteil (UPEC)

    • International Master program : Biometrics and Security of Individuals

      The new international program in Biometrics and Security of Individuals, aims to obtain a Master degree of the university “Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC)”. It is the first program in France offering a high quality and the most recent academic program in this field. As it is well known, huge number of industrial applications and projects deal with video security, intrusion detection, recognition systems, access control, automatic counting, smart systems, individual identification and verification etc.
    • MEI Academy

    • MEI Academy- Spring Semester Program

      Paris, Strasbourg, Swiss Alps, Munich, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Peloponnese, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens- Imagine walking in the Palace of Versailles reliving the days of Louis XIV, or enjoying a heated debate about the latest protest on the streets of Paris. Picture yourself swimming in the Aegean Sea, studying the Caesars in the Roman Forum, or debating the effects of the World Wars from the trenches in Germany. We believe that the best learning lies in experiencing the world around us where there More...
    • Cornell & Duke Universities in Paris, France

    • Cornell & Duke Universities in Paris, France

      A study abroad opportunity to advanced-level students of French language and culture, featuring a challenging course of study and an immersion experience in French life and culture.
    • ECE - Ecole Centrale dElectronique

    • ECE - École Centrale d'Electronique

      The ECE Group is an educational institution that specializes in information and communication technologies, and offers courses of study in computer science, networks, telecommunications, embedded systems, and digital media technologies.
    • IPSL

    • Service-Learning in Montpellier, France

      You will spend a semester studying French language, culture, civilization, and social issues at Université Paul Valéry (Université Montpellier III) and at the Institut Méditerranéen de Langues/Services (IMLS). Courses are taught in French at five different levels, from lower-intermediate to advanced.The IPSL Service-Learning Seminar connects the hands-on volunteering with the academics.
    • The Paris International Film School

    • BFA and MFA Filmmaking Programs

      Our program offers a 3-year BFA and a 2-year MFA degrees, as well as a 1 year Fast Track program. Students make their own films, under the guidance of experienced teachers that have extensive experience in the film industry. Our philosophy is a combination of classes and a practical "hands-on" approach to learn filmmaking.
    • St. Stephens University

    • Travel Study Term: France

      All students studying at St. Stephen's University spend one semester in Western Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and England) for a summer semester during their 2nd/3rd year of the Bachelor of Arts program. Students also spend one Fall semester abroad in South East Asia during their 2nd year.
    • University of North Carolina Wilmington

    • Paris- The North Carolina Consortium Program

      Students accepted into the UNC Wilmington study abroad program with The North Carolina Consortium in Paris program will receive credit toward their degree requirement for most majors. All participants partake in intensive French language (9 credits) in the Cours de Civilisation Française at the Sorbonne as well as Explorations in French (3 credits) at the NC Paris program center, a short walk from the Sorbonne. Additional courses offered at the program center include; Gender & Sexuality in Post-Revolutionary More...
    • Study French Language in the Carribbean

    • Study French Language in the Carribbean

      There is a variety of excellent programs to choose from. there is six levels of French - so we can cater from Beginners to those more capable. There is also a kayak (it is the Caribbean) and French course - and also a special French for Seniors which emphasis the unique French Creole culture
    • Université de Grenoble - Faculté de Droit

    • Diplôme de droit français - Certificate in French Law

      • Be awarded a quality degree given by a recognised French university • Give yourself the opportunity to learn French or to improve it • Increase your legal skills and knowledge • Study in a rewarding study environment where group numbers are limited A Historical Introduction to French Law Judicial Systems and Institutions The European Union Legal System Constitutional Law International Law and International Relations Contract Law French as a Foreign Language (FFL) Semester 2 International Protection More...
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