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    • Savannah College of Art and Design

    • SCAD-Lacoste: Academic

      Since its establishment, more than 2,300 students from accredited colleges and universities, as well as adult artists and continuing education students, have studied at Lacoste.
    • Nacel International

    • Nacel International school in France

      Nacel France can offer your students the opportunity to study in a high school and live with a French Family, or study in a French private boarding school.
    • Brown University

    • Brown University: France

      Direct Enrollment in Universite de Paris 1 (La Sorbonne-Pantheon), 3 (La Sorbonne-Nouvelle), 4 (La Sorbonne), 6 (Pierre et Maire Curie), or 8 (Vicennes-Saint-Denis). Students must have completed at least six semesters of French at the university level or the equivalent.
    • World Speaking

    • Marketing Assistant - Paid Internship - Paris, France

      Responsibilities 1/ Writing and translating articles and press releases 2/ Participating in international communication/PR 3/ Social networks (facebook ,linkedin, twitter, etc.) 4/ Online Advertising (Google Adwords, e-mailing, etc.) 5/ Developing and launching advertising campaigns in the US and UK (Groupon, etc) Depending on your skills and interests, you may be asked to do other assignments.
    • American University Center of Provence

    • American University Center of Provence: Academic

      With a timely, specific academic focus, this advanced-level French immersion program draws creatively on the exceptional resources of Marseille for a better understanding of Islam and the Middle East.
    • University of Wisconsin - Madison

    • UW in Paris

      Students will take two classes from the resident director and will enroll in a 6-9credit intensive language course at the Institut de Langues et de Culture Francaises (ILCF). This course is required of all students participating on the program.
    • Atelier Neo Medici


      This studio art course is geared to both beginning and advanced students. The only prerequisite is an intermediate to accomplished level of drawing and a serious attitude towards the craft of painting. The painting courses run three times a year; these TWO month courses take place in Villeneuve sur Lot.

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    • CUPA - Center for University Programs Abroad

    • CUPA - Center for University Programs Abroad

      Each student pursues a completely individualized course of study based on his or her interests and home school requirements. CUPA offers an extraordinary wealth of academic choices through numerous affiliations with higher education institutions in Paris. Program participants may matriculate directly into one, or several universities, along with the option to take one of a variety of CUPA in-house courses. Below is a list of the most popular institutions at which program participants choose to enroll More...
    • NYU, Gallatin

    • Black in the City of Light

      From the written works of Harlem Renaissance writers Langston Hughes, Claude McKay and Countee Cullen that fomented the Negritude movement, to the performances of Josephine Baker, to the art of Henry Ossawa Tanner and Beauford Delaney, to the music of jazz musicians Miles Davis, Charlie Parker and Bill Coleman, to the political philosophies and writings of W.E.B Dubois and James Baldwin, Paris's influence on the creation of African American culture has been profound. Less noted is the degree to which More...
    • University of Hull

    • EDUCO

      Students take courses at both the EDUCO Center and within the University of Paris system. The EDUCO Center offers courses in French language and literature, theater, art history, and political science ,and a wide variety of course offerings may be selected from the University of Paris system and the Institut D'Etudes Politiques de Paris ('Sciences Po'). All classes are conducted in French.
    • Rockland Community College

    • Compartive International Legal Studies

      This course is focus on the study of the criminal justice processes in other nations. Government, police and correctional processes will be studied and analyzed.
    • City College of San Francisco

    • Fall Semester in Paris, France

      Located in the heart of Paris' Latin Quarter and throughout adjacent neighborhoods, the University of Paris-Sorbonne is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious universities. Through the Sorbonne's Cours de Civilisation Française, students will be immersed in the French language and culture while attending classes with students from all over the world. Classes at the Sorbonne are taught entirely in French. Other courses include French Conversation, French Civilization and Art History which More...
    • IAE Bordeaux

    • DU European Business Administration, University Diploma

      IAE Bordeaux has launched a new Postgraduate Certificate (DU) in 2012. It is called European Business Administration and is totally taught in English by European and International Professors. It is composed of introductive Management and Law courses, as for example courses of Marketing, Human Ressources, European Law, International Accounting, International Strategy and much more. This diploma is equivalent to a first year Master; it is one year long (2 semesters) completed by a 3 months obligatory More...

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    • World Endeavors

    • Study Abroad in France: World Endeavors

      Imagine studying the French language in the beautiful Loire Valley in France. In your free time you can explore the many castles, chateaus, and cathedrals of the area or decide to spend the weekend in Paris. While study abroad programs in France can often be quite expensive, this is one of the most affordable programs available.
    • Dickinson College

    • Dickinson in France

      The Dickinson program in Toulouse is a language intensive opportunity designed for students with an advanced level of French. Participants have the chance to study a variety of subjects at the program's five partner institutions: - Universite de Toulouse 1 for studies in Social Sciences - Institut dEtudes Politiques for studies in Political Science - Universite de Toulouse 2 (Le Mirail) for studies in the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences - Universite de Toulouse 3 (Paul Sabatier) for studies More...
    • International Enrichment

    • International Enrichment in Paris, France

      - Tuition and credits depending on the program - Books and class materials - Official transcripts from the host institution - Airport transfer on arrival - Mobile phone - Extensive pre-departure information - Arrival orientation and services - On-site program director - Staff and experienced student advising on campus - 24/7 Emergency Contact - Wireless internet access - Mail service - Optional Excursions and Extensions (additional fees may apply) - Cultural immersion events - Storage facilities More...
    • Bordeaux Language Studies

    • Bordeaux Language Studies: Academic

      General French courses in mini-groups of 5-10 students, allowing personalized attention and fast results! Interesting cultural and social activities after class and friendly host families to help improve student's spoken French.
    • Academic Year Abroad

    • semester year abroad in France

      AYA provides direct registration in liberal arts, fine arts, and the social sciences courses at the Universit de Paris-Sorbonne, the Institut Catholique, and other Paris institutions.
    • New York University

    • NYU Paris

      The curriculum provides students with a rich introduction to historical and present-day France through course work and diverse cocurricular activities that may include cultural exchanges with local students, food-tastings, and walking tours. NYU staff members plan day trips for students to places like Chantilly, Giverny, and Versailles and weekends away to the Loire Valley, Mont-Saint-Michel, and La Rochelle.
    • Paris College of Art

    • Paris College of Art Visiting Students Program

      A leader in international design education offering semester, year long, and summer study opportunities. The Paris College of Art Visiting Student Program provides an extraordinary study abroad option for college sophomores and juniors, or those with an undergraduate degree. Studying at Paris College of Art is a uniquely rich experience for young artists and designers who share a semester, year, or summer with students from over forty different countries in Paris, at the crossroads of Europe. Through More...
    • AmeriSpan Study Abroad

    • Study Abroad in France

      *Full selection of electives taught in English *Located in a beautiful small town near Paris *Official U.S. transcript issued for coursework
    • Adventist Colleges Abroad

    • Adventist Colleges Abroad

      Istituto Avventista Villa Aurora is situated in an original Renaissance villa in a 2 1/2 acre park on a hillside at Careggi in suburban Florence, the main city of Tuscany and one of the most beautiful provinces in Italy, rich in history and art.

    • French courses

      Accent Nord Sud is a human-scale school and a quality alternative to the large traditional academic structures. We want to dedicate out efforts to the quality teaching of our French courses, as the French language may be the same for everyone, but every student is different. That ‘s why we offer programs for French as a Foreign Language, (FLE), personnalised and adapted to the needs and objectives of each student.
    • Nikitas Language Abroad Schools Co

    • NIK|LAS: Affordable French study-abroad in France

      Special Offers 2013: - 15% discount off tuition cost for 90 days early booking. - 10% off lodging for 8+ weeks stay in Flat share. - 15% off tuition cost for registration completion before January 1st for Spring start dates - 15% off tuition cost for registration completion before April 1st for Summer start dates
    • Davidson College

    • Davidson College: France

      In the fall, the program begins in early September with a month long intensive language and culture course in Paris. Students then go to Tours to begin their studies at the Institut de Touraine and/or the Universite Francois Rabelais. Students may earn up to four course credits each semester. The spring semester program begins in early January when the students arrive in time to begin studies at the Institut de Touraine. A member of the Davidson faculty serves as resident advisor to assist with academic More...
    • MEI Academy

    • MEI Academy- Spring Semester Program

      Paris, Strasbourg, Swiss Alps, Munich, Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Peloponnese, Santorini, Mykonos, Athens- Imagine walking in the Palace of Versailles reliving the days of Louis XIV, or enjoying a heated debate about the latest protest on the streets of Paris. Picture yourself swimming in the Aegean Sea, studying the Caesars in the Roman Forum, or debating the effects of the World Wars from the trenches in Germany. We believe that the best learning lies in experiencing the world around us where there More...
    • NRCSA - National Registration Center for Study Abroad

    • Study in France

      There are four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking which need to be studied and developed from the start of the program. The emphasis on these four areas helps to enable the student to use their knowledge of the language in day-to-day communication. An immersion approach to the language is used for all levels - this means that from day one only the language is spoken in the classroom. This approach helps the student to become comfortable with the language quickly.
    • University of Virginia

    • University of Virginia in Lyon

      This well-established semester program at the Université Lumière-Lyon II offers advanced French language students the opportunity to experience full immersion in a French university setting. Students at an intermediate level in French may enroll in an intensive language study program.
    • Accès Study Abroad

    • Accès Study Abroad

      French studies at the Université de Strasbourg's center for foreign students. Courses throughout the university's humanities and social sciences departments for advanced students. Internships at businesses and non-profit associations. Sociology course "Religion in contemporary France" on secularization, Islam and the prospects for Christianity France.
    • Knox College

    • Knox College, France: Academic

      Program established in 1966. On-site director; initial home-stay followed by residence in a university dormitory.
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