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    • CAPA International Education

    • CAPA London Program: Experiential

      London Program: CAPA individual enrollment programs are designed to be fully inclusive and therefore affordable to all types of students. The University of Minnesota provides transfer credit for both courses and internships. CAPA courses are designed to be relevant to your study in Britain. Students live in residential and homestay accommodation and participate in internships and service learning opportunities, which allow them to live and learn among the local British people. CAPA is one of the More...
    • World Internships

    • Social Work Internships in London

      There are various placements in the social services field in London! Internship placements include hospital and health authorities, mental health charities and non-profit organizations. In your internship you will be providing assistance to children, women and the elderly and you can work with organizations that are focused on minority and diversity issues and self-help. This program is also an excellent option for psychology majors as there are opportunities for research in univeristy psychology More...
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