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Bosnia and Herzegovina universities, along with pretty much everything else in this new democracy, are vastly improving. Study abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina and learn the Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian languages. Those who study abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina can spend time outside the classroom in the Dinaric Alps, whether they can ski or snowboard in one of the most stunning snowcapped locations on the planet.

    • American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    • Peace and Conflict

      The program is offered to Undergraduate and Graduate students. Students can earn 15 US credits / 30 ECTS toward their undergraduate or graduate degree. Students at every level of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language proficiency can take the language course. The cornerstone of the program are the meetings, Q&As and seminars that students will have with BiH politicians, NGO representatives and the diplomatic community. This is a unique opportunity to study the international dynamics and challenges More...
    • SIT Study Abroad

    • Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans

      This program engages students interested in peace and conflict studies, history, international relations, and political science with the ongoing efforts of peacebuilding and reconciliation in the Balkans. Students examine the origins of the conflicts in the Balkans, from the breakup of Yugoslavia to the violent wars of the 1990s, as well as current challenges and opportunities in post-conflict transformation. The program provides an excellent case study for examining collective memory, reconciliation More...
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