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    • Marist College

    • Asia Study Abroad Program

      Offered only in the Spring semester, the Asia Summer Abroad Program (ASAP) is a 15 week, 15 credit program particularly suited for business majors/minors. Students will gain unparalleled insight into international business through company visits and cultural immersion across several Asian counties throughout a full semester experience. A differentiating feature of ASAP is that "hands-on" experiences are fully integrated into the curriculum with groups of students analyzing each company to learn its More...
    • KCP International Japanese Language School

    • Japanese Language and Business

      The first two weeks focus on intensive Japanese language study. The goal is both to acquire linguistic knowledge in class and to enjoy opportunities to apply this knowledge in real situations in and out of class. The tea ceremony, calligraphy, and a day trip outside Tokyo are part of the curriculum. In the second two weeks, students learn about Japanese business through lectures, presentations by companies, and excursions to business sites. Lectures focus on quality control in Japanese business More...
    • University of Miami

    • Sophia University (Summer)

      Choose from among such courses as Japanese language, business, economics, art, literature, religion, history, and sociology. Lectures are given in English, and class work is enhanced with field trips to a variety of cultural, political, and economic institutions. You will experience cultural demonstrations such as a tea ceremony, and learn about the art of flower arrangement in the Japanese culture. Cultural movies about Japan also are included.

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    • International Cross-cultural Committee

    • Internship in Japan

      Your Global Career starts in JAPAN! Internship in Japan assists students and graduates like you with finding the right internship placement. Live and work in world's largest Metropolitan City: Tokyo. Check out the business world first before you make a solid decision. At the same time; we provide career consultation and training for you too. Let's set up a Free Skype consultation to figure out your internship possibilities.
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