Expose Yourself to the World!
    • Institute for Shipboard Education - Semester at Sea

    • Semester at Sea - Spring 2015

      Sail around the globe exploring up to 15 countries with Semester at Sea and get the broadest cultural and intellectual exposure possible in one semester. Classroom learning aboard ship integrates with relevant field studies in port, immersing you in the world's most important issues such as sustainability, economic empowerment, globalization, religious pluralism, and national identity. You will earn a full semester of transferable credit from the University of Virginia and gain global skills that More...
    • NRCSA - National Registration Center for Study Abroad

    • Study in Japan

      There are four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking which need to be studied and developed from the start of the program. The emphasis on these four areas helps to enable the student to use their knowledge of the language in day-to-day communication. An immersion approach to the language is used for all levels - this means that from day one only the language is spoken in the classroom. This approach helps the student to become comfortable with the language quickly.
    • Japan Center for Michigan Universities

    • Academic Program in Japanese Language and Culture

      Combining classroom training with hands-on community interaction, the program is flexible enough to accommodate both Japanese language majors and those students who simply want to experience another culture.
    • CET Academic Programs

    • CET Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Studies in Osaka

      The spring and fall Osaka semesters begin with a one-week intensive Japanese language course (20 hours) designed to provide students with the skills necessary for living in Japan. For the remainder of the semester, students take a language course based on their level (140 hours), complete a language project based on their interests (20 hours) and choose from a range of other language and electives differentiated by two tracks.
    • Japan-America Institute of Management Science (JAIMS)

    • Japan-America Institute of Management Science (JAIMS)

      The four-month Intercultural Management Program (ICMP) will train you to work effectively in a multicultural business environment. ICMP is an intensive, graduate diploma program that focuses on American business principles and methods within a global context.
    • Associated Kyoto Program

    • Associated Kyoto Program

      The goal of AKP's language program is to assist students in improving their communicative competence in written and spoken modern Japanese. The language program is enriched by coordinating the students' classroom work with elective courses, visiting speakers, Doshisha student groups, and especially homestays, where the students apply their Japanese to everyday household situations and frequently have long discussions with homestay family members. Check out the AKP website for current elective course More...
    • Global Partners Institute

    • Study Abroad!

      Are you a Canadian high school student interested in learning a new language or experiencing a new culture? Then we have the program for you! Study in Japan, Australia or New Zealand for 5 or 10 months.
    • University of Illinois

    • University of Illinois

      The Year-in-Japan Program combines intensive Japanese language training with discipline-based courses on Japan.
    • Ripon College

    • Ripon College: Japan

      After a summer orientation including intensive language study in a mountain village setting, students spend the academic year at Waseda University's International Division in Tokyo.
    • Study & Intern Okinawa

    • Study & Intern Okinawa

      Our programs start at the beginning of each month.
    • Loyola Marymount University

    • Loyola Marymount University: Academic, Tokyo

      A Jesuit University located in the heart of Tokyo, Sophia University was established in 1913 when the Japanese Ministry of Education gane the Jesuits permission to establish a new educational institution.

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    • SUNY at New Paltz

    • Study Abroad in Japan - Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies

      The Japan Studies in Nagasaki program offers courses in Japanese language and Japanese society and culture. In addition to the required language course and Japan Studies classes, students have the option to take seminars in Traditional Japanese Arts.
    • Webster University

    • Webster University: Japan

      Study Japanese language, literature, history, culture, politics and economics in one of Japan's most exciting cities.
    • CIEE

    • CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Tokyo, Japan

      Experience life in one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world; Study Japanese in language classes at all levels; choose from a wide range of other courses taught in English to mixed groups of Japanese and international students; Live with a Japanese family or in a dorm with young professionals and Japanese and international students; Participate in a contemporary and traditional cultural activity program, including regional site visits, historical tours, hands-on workshops, and a weekend More...
    • Temple University

    • Temple Law School

      A full semester of ABA approved law study in Tokyo, Japan. Asian and international law courses, small classes and reasonable tuition. Scholarship aid is available. For post-JD or foreign students, a year-round LL.M. program is also offered.
    • WorldLink Education

    • Academy of Japanese Language in Tokyo: Academic

      Master Japanese in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Study Japanese with WLE and be immersed in the Japanese language, culture and the Japanese way of life. Become a part of this rewarding, enjoyable and unforgettable educational experience of a lifetime.
    • Columbia University, Office of Global Programs

    • Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS)

      Established in September 1989, the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (KCJS) is a consortium of 14 American universities that sponsors a rigorous, two-semester academic program for undergraduates who wish to do advanced work in Japanese language and cultural studies.
    • Rutgers University

    • Japan: Ritsumeikan University

      "• Learn how to navigate the university and city with your Japanese buddy in the Ritsumeikan buddy program • Join a club in Japanese tradition arts such as drumming, martial arts, pottery and Noh theater • Participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony "

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    • American University

    • American University: Academic

      Opened to students who have completed two years of Japanese study. The program incorporates an intensive study of Japanese language and traditional Japanese arts with an opportunity to pursue independent research in Japanese studies.
    • Hattori Foundation - The Yamasa Institute

    • Aichi Center for Japanese Studies: Academic

      Sponsored by the Hattori Foundation (est. 1919), ACJS offers Academic Japanese Programs from 4 weeks to 2 years in duration. Summer and all year round extension programs, Internships in Japanese companies, Study tours. Financial Aid is available and Homestays, Apartments or Dormitory accommodation within walking distance guaranteed.
    • Seinan Gakuin University

    • International Division

      Students may select courses they are interested in from the wide variety SGU offers. Four levels of Japanese language instruction are available, with students placed into beginning, pre-intermediate, intermediate or advanced courses based on pre-admission testing. Students can join the beginning class level with no prior knowledge of Japanese. Except for advanced Japanese, language classes meet for 90-minute periods per week. In addition to classroom study, off-campus activities such as trips to More...
    • Osaka International School

    • Global Futures Program

      Osaka international School has an outstanding academic record and students who graduate from OIS generally are able to enter the college or university of their choice. OIS offers the IB Diploma programme which is widely accepted around the world by university admissions' departments. OIS’s sister school relationship gives an OIS student the chance to experience Japan in an authentic manner through sports, student council and in day to day interactions.
    • Le Cordon Bleu

    • Culinary Arts: Tokyo

      Classic Courses: Cuisine (4 levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior), Pastry (3 levels: Basic, Advanced, Superior), Bakery (2 levels: Basic, Advanced). Special Programs: Half day to 1 day program of Cuisine, Pastry or Bakery Workshops, as well as Special Demonstrations for amateurs and gourmet enthusiasts.

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    • Tokyo Language Arts College

    • Tokyo Language Arts College

      The Tokyo Language Arts College TEFL certification courses by correspondence were designed to meet the needs of both experienced teachers of English and people just entering the teaching field. Through distance learning, teachers living in all parts of the world have the opportunity to attain a greater knowledge of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
    • Lakeland College

    • Lakeland College: Academic

      Lakeland College offers exciting opportunities at our branch campus in vibrant, central Tokyo. Attend classes in our fully accredited program taught in English, alongside Japanese students. Small class sizes are maintained. Highly supportive professional faculty and staff.
    • University of Wisconsin - Platteville

    • Nagasaki Study Center: Academic

      Courses in liberal arts and international business; family-stays with meals; field trips. Study Japanese language on all levels, Japanese literature, Japan Studies and Traditional Japanese Arts.
    • State University of New York College at Oswego

    • Akita International University

      Students attending the Akita International University (AIU) exchange program will be directly enrolled in the university and sit amongst Japanese students as well as other international students from an elite network of universities around the world.

      Other programs from State University of New York College at Oswego matching this criteria:
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