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    • SIT Study Abroad

    • Indonesia: Community Nature Conservation in Bali

      Biodiversity and Natural Resource Conservation in Bali (ENVI 3010 / 3 credits / 45 class hours) This course focuses on biodiversity conservation in the ecological context of tropical Asian reef and rainforest systems. Against a backdrop of historical and contemporary patterns of natural resource use patterns in Indonesia and particularly Bali, we examine the responses of the biota to large-scale habitat loss and fragmentation, extraction of resources (for example timber and fishes) and changes to More...
    • Birth Institute

    • Gentle Birth Methods in Bali, Indonesia

      Become a global maternal health leader! In this international leadership training course you will… 1. Become deeply integrated with the daily operations of a clinic serving low-resourced communities on the island of Bali. 2. Engage in personal reflection and critical dialog about cultural humility and working with clients from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. 3. Examine the spiritual and historical roots of midwifery across different world regions and cultures. 4. Analyze feminine power More...
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