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    • EF English First

    • Real English

      EF English First provides a complete range of English courses for all age groups at all level. Courses includes: English for Young Learners, General English, Business English, Job-specific English, Preparation Course, Conversation Club and Corporate Language Training.

    • Language Vacation

    • Language and Cultural Immersion in Yogyakarta

      You have the following course options: 4 lessons daily: (20 private lessons per week) start any time 4 lessons daily: (20 lessons per week) set course lengths of 3 weeks - 60 hours 6 lessons daily: (30 lessons per week) set course lengths of 2 weeks - 60 hours

    • Wisma Bahasa Indonesian - Javanese - English Courses

    • Wisma Bahasa Indonesian - Javanese - English Courses

      Teach no words, only create situations in which you learn and enjoy communicating in the language. Intensive Indonesian language course including support activities (fieldtrips to Government Bodies, NGO, Political Parties, Lava Tour, Rafting, Caving) and Cultural Program (Indonesian Dances, Batik Painting, Culinary).



      LSI’s step-by-step course programme – three years in development - is arguably the most effective and scientifically-based Indonesian language programme available in the world today. LSI has earned an international reputation for its 6 patented Bahasa Indonesia certificate courses designed to serve every level of competency : IND 1.1 and IND 1.2 (Beginner), IND 2.1 and IND 2.2 (Intermediate), IND 3.1 and IND 3.2 (Advanced).

    • Bali Studies Program

    • Bali Studies Program

      You have the opportunity to combinate study in a beautiful environment and to past 4 business subjects. In cooperation with an University Warmadewa in Bali, you will study in a small group of world wide students and increase your sensitizing , which is necessary for all manager, entrepreneur and social worker in a diversity world.

    • Galang Budaya -Center of Indonesian Culture Studies

    • Galang Budaya -Center of Indonesian Culture Studies

      This program is available for you who are interested in learning about Indonesia or who want to have business in Indonesia. It makes you understand the whole aspects of Indonesian culture better, including: language (Bahasa Indonesia), way of life, traditional values, etc.

    • ACICIS Study Indonesia Program

    • ACICIS Study Indonesia Program: Intensive Language

      Study intensive Indonesian language from beginners to advanced levels or immersion courses at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, in the heart of Java. Research a topic of your choice as part of the field study program in Malang, or maybe learn more about Indonesian art or Islamic business in Indonesia.

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