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    • SIT Study Abroad

    • Indonesia: Arts, Religion, and Social Change

      Coursework in this program focuses on the connections between religion, the fine arts and performing arts, and social organization in Bali. Coursework puts the experience of being in Bali in an historical context, especially with regard to its special history as an island that was brought under the influence of Dutch colonialism very late (1846 for North Bali, 1909 for South Bali), and never lost its unique form of Hinduism. Through a combination of thematic seminars, language study, field studies More...
    • Internship-Indonesia

    • Professional internships in Indonesia

      We offer internships related to the following disciplines: * Business & Marketing * Sales, customer service * IT * International business * English Teaching * Tourism and Leisure * International Relations * Journalism * Development and Regional studies * Custom projects, depending on applicant's background and preferences Your industry is not listed above? Inquiries don't cost money but lost opportunities do. Please feel free to contact us as we might already support internships of your interest More...
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