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    • Minds Abroad

    • China Late Summer Study and Travel Program

      We live in a shrinking global village. Easy, widespread communications have broken down walls of isolation around the world. More than ever before, we need to become acquainted with other cultures in order to take advantage of the opportunities provided in this new age of global interdependence. This program aims to give students an authentic insight into modern day China as well as its traditional past. For an understanding of contemporary China, we must go beyond its highly developed metropolises More...

    • The College at Brockport (SUNY)

    • China Internships

      Beijing is China's second largest city and the political and cultural center of China. It is renowned for its lavish palaces, temples and huge stone walls. It is an ideal location for study abroad students to experience the culture and dynamic energy of China. Brockport's program in Beijing offers students the opportunity to study, participate in an internship, or do a combination of study and a part-time internship.

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