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    • Minds Abroad

    • China Late Summer Study and Travel Program

      We live in a shrinking global village. Easy, widespread communications have broken down walls of isolation around the world. More than ever before, we need to become acquainted with other cultures in order to take advantage of the opportunities provided in this new age of global interdependence. This program aims to give students an authentic insight into modern day China as well as its traditional past. For an understanding of contemporary China, we must go beyond its highly developed metropolises More...

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    • University at Albany, State University of New York

    • UAlbany Beijing Normal University

      Students with no or limited background knowledge in Chinese can choose to take Chinese language and related courses that are designed for international students are different levels. A placement test is administered to all international students, except for those with no language background in Chinese, who plan to take Chinese language classes before students can register for classes. Beijing Normal University recently added some English taught courses. You are welcome to take some if you want. More...

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    • Lingua Service Worldwide, Ltd.

    • Learn Chinese in Beijing

      Learn Chinese fast! Full immersion Intensive Chinese Language programs in Beijing, China. Courses from 2 to 36 weeks for students 17 years of age and over offered year round. All levels from beginner to advanced. Choose your own starting date and program length. Accommodations with local Chinese families, student apartments, student residences and hotels.
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