Northern Illinois University

Audiology in Taiwan-Heart of Hearing Program



    Participants will visit the campus of two major non-profit organization that provide aural habilitation services to children with hearing impairment, and visit three universities that offer audiology programs. Participants will learn about their educational philosophy and practices, and participate in exchange activities with local audiology students and audiologists. The faculty member, and/or alumni will also give presentations on the latest trends in hearing services and professional issues. Through these activities, participants from Taiwan and NIU will learn about different audiology practices, educational systems, and professional opportunities in other parts of the world.

    May 6-20, 2010 THE PROGRAM HAS THREE MAJOR COMPONENTS: 1. Visiting local hearing services facilities and universities. 2. Joining forces with local audiologists and students to provide hearing services to underprivileged children and adults. 3. Immersing participants in a rich blend of ancient Chinese and modern Taiwanese culture.

    The overall goals are to develop a professional network overseas and within the NIU community, and to sharpen students' clinical skills, to prepare them for future challenges, and to broaden their worldview.

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