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Archaeological Field School in Sicily

    Italy: Sicily


    The primary goal of this program is to teach practical archaeological skills in a research envrionment. The field school is part of the Monte Polizzo Archaeological Project, a multinational Sicilian Scandinavian, and American project foucusing on the site of Monte Polizzo and the surrounding Belice Valley in the western-central portion of Sicily.

    Through participation in this program participants will gain the following: 1) An introduction and practical application of archaeological sampling and field methodology. 2) Field experience in archaeological survey techniques. 3) Field experience in archaeological excavation techniques. 4) Laboratory experience in pottery analysis. 5) Exposure to a broad range of artifacts (Neolithic through Medieval). 6) A mulit-cultural experience with other international students and exposure to a new culture.

    Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and is separated from mainland Italy by the Strait of Messina. The island is roughly triangular in shape and with adjacent small islands forms a region of Italy.

    Salemi is located less than 30 miles away from 15 ancient and medieval archaeological sites, and six outstanding beaches. The project team makes bi-weekly excursions to these locales. Historically, program participants and administrators have had an excellent rapport with the local community.

    The program cost pays for the following cost related services: 1) Dormitory style accommodations in Sicily from June 1 – June 28 2) 17 meals per week. 3) Program-related land transportation in Sicily. 4) Admission fees to cultural and historical sites visited as part of the daily schedule. 5) Fee for acquiring a visa to work in Sicily. 6) NIU tuition for 3 or 6 hours of undergraduate or graduate credit. 7) NIU major medical insurance for the duration of the program. PROGRAM COST: Contact us for more information



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